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Variations in the Key of Bitch

Theme #1: Exhaustion

Dude. I am wiped. The fuck. Out. I just finished on a project the day before yesterday, and now I'm still in the "ohmigodtired zzzz" stage of recovery. It kinda sucks, because I can never really be *happy* and celebrate about the ending of a stressful/hard project. I mean, on the one hand yeah, I'm done, which is nice and I no longer have the stress hanging over me but... always by that point I'm just worn out mentally and even physically, and I've been going all cylinders by that point trying to wrap things up, so it's like suddenly shifting from 60 mph to zero. I feel lost, like I should be doing something nownownownownow, but I don't know what, because I don't have that something to be done anymore. It fades away in a couple days usually, but by that point, I've been done the project for a few days so it just feels dumb to really celebrate the ending by that point.

As far as this particular time goes... I guess I'm still messed up enough from stress that my insomnia hasn't let up yet either, but I'm also exhausted so... I ended up sleeping til 2pm today. Urgh. Although I really needed the sleep, so it was nice... but I don't want to shift back into the not-getting-to-sleep-til-after-dawn mode that I was in not that long ago.

Theme #2: Stuff To Be Done

Along with #1 I guess, I haven't had the extra time/energy to really get much done around the house, so I've been backsliding a bit. Which means that although I'm worn out, I'm also kinda stressing already because dude, I really should be getting some stuff done around here. But I haven't been able to raise the energy and will to do it yet. Feh.

Sorta along those lines, my guppy tank seems finally to have stabalized... but only after I lost one of the first two male fish I got. And my females still either haven't had any babies, or they've been eaten immediately. I really don't know. It's... weird.

I'm also trying to drum up the energy to go out and get some shopping done but... well, we'll see how that goes.

Theme #3: Disappointing games.

Just finished Xenosaga III (I basically went from work, to a marathon session on that since I'd started it before really getting into the swing of the project, then couldn't finish it...) and... am not very happy.

Dude. what the fuck? Okay, first off, while it might have been a good enough game gamplay-wise and all... the storyline felt really rushed. And when a like fifty-hour or so game feels *rushed*, there are some serious problems.

Apparently the series had originally been slated to shape up over the course of six games, but since sales slacked off after the first one, they decided to just wrap up this particular story arc in 3. And it really suffered for it... the first game was spent just starting to set things up, more things were introduced in the second and starting to develop more... then in the third, suddenly they jump forward in time, you get a *ton* of stuff just infodumped to you through the "database" feature (both what happened in between episodes, deeper background of the world, side tracks, etc etc). Plus you end up rushing along, finding things out and swept along at a breakneck pace... and by the end, I felt sorta like the second disc of Xenogears. You get swept along from boss fight to boss fight, with a bunch of story in between, and a TON of exposition at the end. (Although at least there was a leeeetle more normal fighting this time around).

And probably the bit that leaves me with the worst taste in my mouth is what they did with the characters. The worst guy possible "gets the girl" (he redeemed himself *slightly* toward the end, but not enough, IMHO). And out of my four favorite characters in the entire span of the series, the final body count is: two dead, one... I'm not sure, I think maybe shunted into another dimension.. and one (my favorite) sealed away in another location entirely, trapped there until possibly they decide to make another story arc and *possibly* rescue him. AGH! And after ALL THAT, the universe still isn't actually saved, they just kinda bought a little more time. *headdeskheaddesk*

Theme #4. Tea!

I have no tea! I apparently lost track of it as I was drinking it, I thought for SURE I had another box left, but now I can't find it, so I'm assuming I must have drunk it already. ARGH! Must have my teaaa fix!

Theme #5: The weather

Dude, what is UP with this? Yesterday, We had the air conditioner running and I had my fan going in my room almost constantly, because it was just too hot. Today, I've been bundled up in the rug, and it's been cold and rainy and miserable.

Pick one, stick with it, thankyouverymuch. Sheesh.

Edited to add: Theme #6: Lost

Or lack thereof. Because I've been busy, I have slacked off on my Netflix viewing. Which means that in the very short time between the coming-out of season 2 on DVD and the start of season 3, I haven't managed to snag and view them from Netflix. and by the time I get them all and watch them even now, I'll have missed a few episodes.

Maybe I should see if I could go rent them locally or something. I was going to watch them via iTunes and the iTunes store but... that's SUCH a pain in the ass, such a small screen, uncomfortable to view, etc etc...


Okay, I think that *may* be all for now. I may find something else to bitch about later, mind...

And despite the theme of bitching here, don't get me wrong... I'm not distinctly *unhappy* or anything, just crabby, and wishing my body would hurry and and sort itself the fuck out.
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