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Well, none of my guppies so far have died *knocks on wood*, and the nitrites seem to be back down to nothing again after the treatment, for now. I'll have to keep a close eye on them for the next week or two. Also, the white spots have vanished with the first treatment. I did the partial water change as instructed yesterday, a day after adding the treatment, and it'd already made a big difference so I didn't do the repeat of the proceedure that it says you can do at that point. The Ick treatments can be nearly as hard on the fish as the disease itself, so I'd rather hold off unless it seems to come back.

Also, on the pond front, my lily pads have decided to put out a flower, for the first time ever. Of course this is a different one - the old lily pads I had got ripped out with the cattails since they'd gotten badly intertwined, so I put the new plant in when I started restocking. Anyhow, here's a pic:

Oddly, it seems to have shut back up again this morning, either that or the first flower died already after just a day, and went below the water surface already, and a new bud is already there. (Or maybe same thing, with someone sneaking in and picking the flower instead, but I think that's a bit paranoid - why would they?)

Oh and also, I managed to catch up on a bit of sleep the last two nights. Bliss! Hopefully they should be done with road construction in front of the house anyhow soon. Most of the roads have been repaved - I think there's just the shoulders on the road across from us that need to be re-filled. And maybe one of the ones on the road just in front of us.

Oh, and I did finally remember to call about that tea shipment. Apparently the guy that I talked to before forgot to actually make a note to re-ship the order or something, duh, so the woman I talked to this time said she would go ahead and do that, and I should get the shipment early next week. I hope so. ^^;; Nice company, don't give you a hassle about that sorta thing, but apparently with a few ditzes on-staff. ^^;;

And for now... I hunger, so off to find some food. Have fun over the holiday weekend, everyone! (Especially the Darkfriends off havin' fun without me. :p )
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