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Got woke up at just before 9am in the damn morning again, this time by a jackass with a jackhammer. How the hell long does it take them to replace the freaking asphalt on portions of 2 roads?

My guppy tank has sky-high levels of nitrites, which a couple partial water changes have barely dented, and now my fish are sporting a few lovely white spots, a strong sign of Ich/Ick. So this morning saw a quick trip to the pet store (and another peeve, why can't any halfway decent petstores be any closer than about 5 miles away?), to pick up some AmQuel+ to directly lower the nitrites, and some Ick Guard to hopefully nip that little white problem in the bud. *crosses fingers*

On the way home, I decided "ya know, I'd like a McDonald's breakfast" (shut up, it's easy, I'm lazy, and even a fast food joint can't really fuck up pancakes), and stopped there - but it was juuust 11am, and I dunno what time they stop serving breakfast, but it's apparently by then at least, because I was told they were on to the lunch menu now. Cause like California would fall into the ocean or something if they sold a few breakfasts late in the AM.

Oh yeah, and I now have to go call Coffee AM (speaking of AM) about my tea, which I griped about a couple weeks ago. I called then, and they said "oh, our bad! We'll send replacements!" but... no arrival. -_- So now I gotta see what the fuck is up with that, and I don't know what I even did with the invoice by this point, so... bleh.

I'm tired. Is it tomorrow yet?
Tags: guppies, rants
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