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Yay, Amazon! And boo, Amazon!

So along with the rest of the mail today, I found a big box from on my porch. Now, I have an order that should be shipping soon (see a bit below) from there, but didn't think I had anything actually on the way, so this was a bit surprising. Then I saw the sticker on the box that said "promotional gift" on it.

Apparently because I'm a frequent customer of (or maybe because I've shopped at their grocery section before, I'm not sure) I got a nice box of free samples. And I don't mean an itty bitty box - although the weight would include the shipping box and the somewhat thick box that the stuff was actually packed in, the total weight on the shipping label was 8 pounds. Not too shabby. The assortment includes crackers, coffees, snacks of many different types, some soups, various sample-sizes of a few cereals... lotsa neat (or at least tolerable) stuff. Not bad, for totally free!

I've already devoured some of the snacks (after a bit more substantial food), and so far particularly like some snacks from a place called "Caramoo"... they're called Caramel Crumble, and they are just that. They're not too hard and sticky, but instead firm, and melt a bit in your mouth, and as their name suggests they are quite crumbly as well, once you get past the firmness. They seem to go softer, inside the mouth. (And if you read this paragraph without your mind going into the gutter at all, I'm not sure how you've managed to read me this long without being at least somewhat corrupted.)

So that's the "yay Amazon!" part. The "boo Amazon" part really isn't their fault I guess, it's just a matter of bad timing. See, I'd watched Howl's Moving Castle via Netflix, and liked it a lot. I've been considering picking it up since then, but never had. I'd been mostly hoping that Netflix would add it to their pre-watched movies list that they sell for a relatively cheap price, but they never had. So, after checking once more to be sure over the weekend, I finally ended up ordering a copy from Amazon. This was probably on Saturday, maybe Friday.

And then today, I go to check my queue on Netflix again, since I'd received the notice that one movie had been received by them today, and I'd sent another out this afternoon and wanted to see what the next few on my queue were. And as soon as I log in, what am I greeted by? A big blurb at the top right about how I watched and rated highly Howl's Moving Castle, and I might be interested to know it had been added to the line-up of pre-watched movies available for purchase... *headdesk*

So just to be sure I checked on Amazon, but my order's already in the "about to ship" stage and can't be changed, and I'm not going to go through the hassle of returning a good movie just to order it from Netflix, maybe not be in time to even get it (if quantities are limited, which I'd imagine they are), and possible have it be in bad enough shape that I'd end up wanting a new one, anyhow. Ah well, at least I'll have a spanking new copy of the movie. But... gah.
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