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Yay! Fishies!

So, after just over a week of cycling, a couple partial water changes, and various chemicals and so forth, this morning I found that I'd finally managed to get the ammonia in my guppy tank down to zero. Or at least so close to it that I couldn't really interpret the color of the test water as .25 ppm even, which is the closest thing to zero that they have on the scale. So... fishies!

I just got back from the pet store and finished acclimating the new guppies, so they're swimming merrily in my twenty gallon tank behind me. I'm worried that the water might be a bit too hot (didn't realize it was as warm as it was before I brought them home, and I should have had the air conditioner on before I got back really), but they don't seem to be distressed. I gave them a bit of food already to keep their strength up, and now just have to wait and see.

I like blue fish, so I ended up getting two blue males and two blue females (surprise surprise) since they're sold in pairs. As she was getting out the second female, a young female guppy halfway between fry and adult stages also swam into the net, and she didn't feel like fishing (heh) it out, so it got thrown in as a freebie. So now I get to wait and see what color it turns out to be, and hope it's nice...

On the pond front, the fish seem to be doing alright, though they're showing up less for their feedings, which annoys me a bit. It might just be the water getting colder though - maybe they're getting ready to buckle down for their winter dormancy, although I don't think it should be that cold yet. Maybe they're just being... ugh... coy. (Which they shouldn't since I think only one of the fish in there right now is actually a koi - Blackbeard.) I've also been noticing a pretty good number of differently-mottled fish, when I haven't bought all *too* many since getting my pond back to really functional state so.. maybe I have more than just the two that survived the Winter of Our Discontent or whatever. Which means I should really be careful how much more I add, since I don't want to overpopulate the pond and crowd out the fish that are there.

The silly frogs also apparently spawned again, and there are now teeeeeny little tadpoles throughout the pond. I don't know how many will survive the voracious fish lurking underneath them, but we'll have to wait and see. After snooping around on wikipedia, I think my frogs are "green frogs" (how original), and it says that sometimes they lay eggs in the fall and the tadpoles overwinter, developing into frogs in the spring. So we'll see if any of them actually live that long.
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