Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

We are not amused.

Various things that displeaseth me, or have displeasethed me recently:

-The fact that I was going to post this rant (or more of a bit of whinging actually) last night, but was prevented by the fact that I ended up with the makings of another headache, so to prevent a repeat of the last time I dosed myself up well with medicine and ended up asleep around midnight.

-The book Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. I enjoy reading most Austen (well, with the possible other exception of Mansfield Park since both the heroine and hero are so... insipid). But this was the last of her novels I had yet to read, and I did so recently, only to find that frankly it's rather boring. *sigh*

-The stupid weather. Stop being annoyingly hot. Actually this isn't as topical right now since it actually did rain last night and is presently cool, but I doubt this state of affairs will last extremely long.

-My guppy tank. I got it all nicely set up, and I *thought* I had washed out the tank and gravel well enough beforehand, but I'm still getting stupid ammonia readings off of it. I went out yesterday to buy some "ammo chips" to reduce ammonia, and they seem like they might finally be working, but sloooowwwly. Damnit, I want some fish!

-Insomnia. I'm actually usually getting to sleep fairly well (and much much earlier) nowadays, but to compensate for this, I've been waking up after around 5 or 6 hours' sleep (I usually need at least around 7 to function decently without being sleepy) and having trouble dozing back off, if I can at all.

-My tea, damnit. I ordered the green ginger tea that I love so much (Tazo brand) since I was getting low. I actually ran out the day before yesterday, but that was fair enough, since I was expecting the next shipment at any time. Which I got yesterday. And then it turned out to be the wrong type of tea. All three boxes. Green China Tips or something like that. Argh! Since I didn't catch it until after I'd opened one of the boxes I went ahead and tried it at least, but I don't really much like it. So today I guess I get to call them up and find out what happens now. (And wait MORE days to get the right tea, argh!)

-Ned Kelly. I got this as one of my Netflix rentals as part of my "let's watch every movie Orlando Bloom was in" kick. Meh. I'm distinctly underwhelmed. Just not my thing, I guess. Hell, even Orlando Bloom's normal power of eyecandy which would elevate even a dull flick was a bit lacking here, because for most of the movie he has an ugly-assed beard and mustache.

-Speaking of Orlando Blooms... my loyal minions have still as of yet not managed to track him down, kidnap him, and ship him bound, gagged, and stripped to my doorstep. I am most displeased. Stop slacking, loyal minions!

Since I'm whining so much about things that displease me, and specifically about both a flick and about Jane Austen (and have also recently complained about the book-to-movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), I might as well throw someone a bone and give a word of praise for the 2005(?) film version of Pride and Prejudice They of course had to cut/change some things to fit everything in the movie, but I was much happier about the choices they made, and some of the seemingly trivial stuff that they decided to leave in because it helps to create the correct mood and illustrate the characters better. And Kiera Knightly made an adorable Eliza Bennet, and Mr. Darcy wasn't bad, either. So there.

Tags: books, guppies, movies, rants
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