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State of the Disunion

Alright, stupid title, but probably better than the "Blarghle" that I was originally going to go with. Tired. Didn't get enough sleep last night, so... let's get to this. The status of my various projects for this weekend (which has been extended into afternoon tomorrow, since my father extended his trip a day...)

Dishes (Always. Perpetually.) - Did enough to cross this off, but should do some more tonight.
Clean part of bedroom (another never-ending battle) - Did a very little of this, but not enough that I'd really cross it off the list. Should probably do more tonight.

Clear OFF the damn table already - Actually, done! And made me sore and stuff from moving around too much, and took far too long but... done!

Weed out herb garden - Almost done. A few straggling weeds left to come out. I was actually going to finish this up tonight while I was topping off the water in my pond, but a honeybee, bumblebee, and wasp all decided that they like the taste of herb flowers better than mint flowers, apparently. (And is it just me, or does that sound almost like the start of a joke? "A honeybee, a bumblebee, and a wasp fly into a bar...")

Ditto flower garden - Also done. Go me!

Ditto mint garden (and cut back some of the more stubborn mints encroaching on the others... yeah, I'm lookin' at you, spearmint) - As mentioned, there were some problems with stingy things here, and I had enough else on my plate (and it was hot enough outside) that I didn't feel like trying to get the timing just right, to avoid both the stingy things and weeding in the dark.

Make it to market to pick up more things - As I updated before, made it to the market, but didn't get everything I wanted. Ah well.

Clean out guppy tank and prepare it - Not only did what I'd crossed off for before, but also made it out to the pet store yesterday and bought the rest of the stuff I needed. Except guppies. See, I thought I'd cleaned it out well enough before setting it back up, but I'm *still* getting some stupid ammonia readings off the stupid thing. So I'm letting the biofilter run for a couple days, and hoping that'll get the ammonia cycle going before I get the fish, and get rid of the nasties.

Write more of neglected novel, at least 1000 words, damnit! - Oops. *shuffles feet*

Clear out part of back/utility room - This is the one big project that I pretty much flaked on. I really wanted to get this done, and I did get a *teensy* bit cleaned out, but I really really wanted to get a lot of it cleared up. Maybe tomorrow, when I'm hopefully a bit more awake.

Ah well, so, not as much done as I'd like, but not too bad, especially considering I had other work do to (and that I also ended up doing stuff not on the list, like laundry)...
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