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Is it the weekend yet?

Oh wait, the weekend's just ending? Nevermind...

I've been slowly working on my to-do list from yesterday, although it's hard to tell. I don't look very productive I guess, but keep in mind that a) I've also been working on the proto-project as well, and b) I'm doing some of the other tasks bit by bit, rather than all at once to the point where I'm comfy crossing them off.

That said... I got to the market to get some shopping done, but unfortunately had a bit of one of my nervous "moments" once I was shopping there (I think mostly just from overdoing it, on not enough sleep). I got the hell outta Dodge before it got the chance to get really bad, thankfully, but there were like 2 things on my list that I didn't get, because I just wanted to get out before things went south. Ah well.

As far as my mint garden goes, as I mentioned that may not get done for a while. The reason is things like:


And This:

And this fuzzy guy here:

Plus way way way too many more along the same lines than I could get decent shots of. Wasps, hornets, and bees of various types and kinds. Joy. Although when I went out when it was starting to get dark to water stuff, the mint looked fairly well abandoned so I may just have to choose my time carefully tomorrow to attack it.

Right now? Bleh, tired. Also supposed to go to the dentist Tuesday but along with my normal hatred of appointments and so on, I'm also really not looking forward to breaking my stride on getting some stuff done so... I may see tomorrow if I can postpone it for a week or thereabouts. We'll see. Then maybe I can sneak up to the pet store tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it to finish getting the supplies for my guppy tank, and maybe even the first guppy or two. ;)
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