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Mouth-breathers Must Die. Matey.

Today has sucked. Today has sucked long, hard, and with quite a bit of practice at sucking so that it can suck *just right*. Today just needs to go away. Now.

I made the mistake of actually *gasp* going away from the computer for a while to pick up a new filter (actually a protein skimmer - a much better piece of equipment that does more, but is pricier) for my tank, since I realized (I think) that the problem for the fish tank was that the filter wasn't working right still, and had almost zero flowthrough - which meant that the fish weren't getting any more oxygen. If it weren't for the fact that I still have one worm goby and a few crustaceans and mollusks alive in there (hell, if all of them are even still alive - I haven't seen the snails today, frex) I'd be tempted to just wash my hands of the whole thing and dismantle the tank... but oh well. :( I just really really really hope that this will fix the problems and make everything okay.

But anyhow, I digress. What I was originally saying was that I went *gasp* away from the computer to go pick that up and install it, and then to go eat. And since for a couple hours I wasn't sitting at the screen clicking my anti-virus notifications to keep downloading the email as it came in, I ended up with a backlog again. And just now received another message of being near my 10MB limit. At my best guess for this point, I'm getting about two over-100K-emails per minute.

Someone really needs to die for this, horribly and painfully and at great length. Or, to slip into the little theme for the day, since I haven't yet... Arrr! Keelhaul the lot of 'em! They be needin' to be strung up fer the gulls to peck at their livers and make 'em suffer, mateys! Arrr!

Serious though - between the viruses, and the fish problems, and having been worrying about Isobel, and everything else, I have ZERO energy left. Today's the day that I should be writing my reviews to post to Usenet, but I just can't. I haven't had the time to even finish reading the books, and I have NO energy to write the reviews at this point.

Just shoot me now. No, better yet, shoot the idiots that say "ooo, Microsoft sent me email to update Windows! How thoughtful of them!" and go *clicky clicky* to run it. Without even having a goddamn anti-virus program.

As a quick note in an edit to correct another misspelling: I checked my Norton Antivirus software to see how many virii it had detected just today. Wanna know how many? 332. I think just over 100 of those were from last night - I'd been getting increasing numbers of what I now know to be the Worm virus in email, but it wasn't triggering antivirus messages, so last night I manually updated the virus definitions and scanned my whole computer, and over 100 messages in my attachments folder got deleted. (No, I hadn't run them or anything.) The rest were from today.

Lots of fun on a 56K modem.
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