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Oh yeah, updates...

First off, I did actually go out again yesterday (gasp, shock) and go to the place I usually go for most of my pond stuff. I picked up a new water lily, some water hyacinths for the surface (they die out each year, but luckily you don't have to buy many to start with since they multiply real damn quick), and as of later yesterday I had 2 goldfish of the comet/shibunkin (sp?) variety, 1 koi, and 4 golden orfes swimming around.

Unfortunately I found one of my fish dead today already (one of the goldfish I believe), but since it's always hard to tell what can cause that right after moving (an apparently healthy fish might be stressed/sick, the move itself and change of waters might disagree with it, it could get killed by something else in the pond, etc), I'm hopeful that it was just an individual thing, and not a sign that my pond is still not habitable by fishies. I know that of this evening there was at least one alive since I saw it swim around.

I also have started watching my Netflix movies again, after about a month where I didn't touch the ones I currently had. Silly I know, but I guess I just have periods where I'm not much for watching that sorta thing, and I wasn't in the mood for the particular ones I got. I finally finished both of those, and also received Troy after sending the first one back, and finished watching that today.

My review of Troy? It's... well.... I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped. Yeah, it had eye candy in not only my favorite, Orlando Bloom, but in a half-naked half-the-time Brad Pitt as well. So it wasn't a total wash. But I think it was the characters that killed it for me. There was one main character that I didn't want to just reach through the screen and throttle more or less, and that was Hector. Both Priam and Achilles were a few cards short of a shuffle, if you catch my drift, The Greek king and his brother were both just bastards, Helen was just stupid, and as much as I loooved watching Paris on the screen.. well, the character was more than a bit of a twit, honestly. Which I guess is as it should be, considering the source material, but still. I'm also left wondering what the special features were, since it said to use disc 2 to access them, but since it was Netflix, I only got the main movie disc. Ah well.



Jul. 13th, 2006 03:09 am (UTC)
Water hyacinths? That sounds intriguing!

I desperately want a pond, but the only place we could possibly manage a small water garden is under the spruce. I think the needles falling in all the time would be bad and make the water too acidic for a fish or two.

Maybe after we get the tree out.
Jul. 13th, 2006 03:36 am (UTC)
Water hyacinths are the kudzu of the water world, I swear. I believe they're banned for purchase in some states in the south because people would buy them, and let them out into the open natural water sources for whatever reason, and they'd just grow too quickly and out of control. They're free-floating plants, a cluster of leaves and pods with the roots that dangle down a bit into the water. But for about a couple weeks toward the end of the summer, they get lovely purple flowers on them. Gorgeous.

They're also good because as surface plants, once you get enough of them they cover the water surface to keep the sunlight from getting in and a) overheating the water and b) causing too much algae to bloom, as well as given the fish a safe-feeling way to hide.

Dunno about the spruce, you could maybe talk to a more professional pond person. If you scooped the needles out every day or every other day with a skimming net, it might not be as huge a problem, especially since there are chemicals you can buy to lower the PH in a pinch, but it might be too much of a pain to be feasible. You might be able to get a pond just for plants though, if you wanted those. Or maybe do like a barrel container (decayed-looking barrel, with lining inside to keep the water in, and if you want fish a small filter and pump) and set it up somewhere outside.

Good luck! Any idea when/if you're removing the tree?