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Argh! My money! MINE!

I swear, I'm about ready to stop giving to ANY charity, period.

There are a few places I've donated some money to occasionally, when I've actually had the extra to spare. Fair enough. I'm not the world's biggest philanthropist, but I like to think I'm not a Scrooge McDuck either, and have given to the causes I find worthy, in proportion to my means.

But because of my specific situation especially (a non-salaried, freelance job where I get money for specific work, not just in a steady flow) I frankly don't always have extra money to give away. That doesn't mean I never ever want to give to a charity ever again, or that I've suddenly turned mean, but I just need to, y'know, pay bills, get actual food to eat, that sorta pesky thing.

And yet, not only do I get fairly frequent calls from charities I've given to in the past (instead of maybe, like, them sending out requests in the mail), I also get calls from places I've never even given to, that seem somewhat related to the other charities I've donated to. Damnit people, leave me the hell alone. I have my name on the do-not-call list for a reason, and while charities may have weaseled their way past the restrictions on that, that doesn't mean I appreciate you taking up my time trying to leech away *all* my money.

And it wouldn't be quite as bad if I could just cut them off, say "I don't have the cash to spare right now" and be done with it. No, they have to pretend they don't hear one or two times, or assume that if they go on and tell me how REALLY worthy it is, and how much they TRULY APPRECIATE my KIND donations in the past, obviously my cold cold heart will be melted and I'll throw money at them anyhow. And then when I cut them off again (and possibly again) and tell them I'm sorry, I really can't afford anything right now, I get a sort of guilt-trip-sounding sign-off as they reluctantly hang up. Because how dare me want to actually try to keep my own finances somewhat straightened out before giving to others?

Right now there's one charity I figure I'll be donating a small bit to here coming up real soon, and aside from that? Screw the lot of 'em. I may just cut them all off, as much as I feel horrid doing it, because I absolutely just cannot stand people trying to guilt me into giving up my own money, or continuing to eat into my own peace and rest, or doing basically everything they can to show me they don't give a damn about me or mine except as far as I'm a walking wallet to their cause.

Grr. (Using the nice bishy icon because at least it has a sword to go stabby-stabby with.)
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