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Slowly slowly getting back to normal. Or should I put scare quotes around that? "Normal." Actually I think I'm a good bit of the way there now, just been a bit out of it this past week or so due to a) the crappy-assed weather which is either Too Hot or Deluge, b) allergies, and c) icky TMI girlstuff.

Haven't been doing much inside, which I need to correct, but at least I'm starting to get some more things done outside. The front looks fairly good, except that the flowers need to grow up around the mailbox, and the mailbox itself still Sucks Ass. (I'm wondering how long it'll be before my father caves and ends up buying a replacement, because although he was all like "those were expensive, they're perfectly alright, yadda yadda" when I was putting them up and complaining about them, now that he actually has to use them he's singing a different tune.)

Out back, the main thing I really need to fix is the pond, which I'm going to need to just find or buy something like a machete to do. The roots of the cattails are all too intertwined (and too damned STRONG) to yank them up out of the pond otherwise, in some cases. I've done a little bit but... need to find the cutty sharp thing to finish the job. The thing that sucks though? I've had cattails in the pond ever since I first put it in, and this is the first year that they're actually growing the typical "cattail" brown things and haven't just looked like over-tall pond grass. Now that I want to yank a bunch of it. *sigh*

I have managed to get the mint yanked out of the flower garden, except I did leave some lemon balm along the one side, and have started transplanting a little bit of it to the other side, so that it's (eventually) parralel. I've decided to leave the gloriosa (fangirl) daisies in the pot I put them in, since they're thriving there anyhow and one's even about to bloom soon, but I did plant the stonecrop along the border (only two plants, so not much of a "border plant" thus far, until I can find more and/or extend what's there through cuttings or whatever). I've also scattered a few seeds, although it's a bit late for that, and have started finding a few other flowers to plant.

I don't remember them all, but I have two hybrid L.A. lilies (pinkish red) in there now, along with two perrenials that I forget what they are and had forgotten were there,but have been there a year or so, buried by the mint. I got two big planters of red white and purple (I guess the closest to blue they had) petunias, took them out of the part and broke them apart, and planted the red ones in a pot and the others in the garden. I planted two plants that are... um... I forget, but they look something like a smaller version of white snapdragons. I also planted four plants of.. um... once again I totally forget. I really need to do better with that. Sorry! I'll hopefully update that soonish. If anyone's, y'know, actually interested.

Anyhow, the flower garden is still sparse, and still has mint here and there that needs to get yanked out, and never did really get hoed out and levelled off because of all the roots and debris, but at least now it's starting to look more like a flower garden again. I figure that I'll just do what little I can with it this year, and not worry too much, and if I can keep it cleared at least it should give me something much better to work with next year, hopefully much earlier.

Other than getting the pond dealt with and getting some more flowers hopefully for the flower garden, I need to still try to find some purple pansies for around the bird house, and see about getting a "rolling" house for the garden hose. The holder it was on fell today, and it wasn't the rotating type which means you gotta do an annoying amount of arm-winding it to get it stored and unstored, so I'd like to get something easier to use before I go about putting it back to rights. Once all that's done, and I trim back some of the lower branches on my pear tree, I think I'll have most of the big stuff in the yard done, and then can just see to the smaller stuff, and maintanance. Woot!
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