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Oh good grief

I've been connected for about an hour now, And I've still got around fifty or so email messages to download! This despite the fact that my Earthlink account has a spam catcher. (Not an excellent on - it's always let a lot of the spam through - but still, it cuts down on a lot of the crap usually.)

Yes, almost all of the email messages that my poor dial-up connection is slooowly chugging through have viruses attached. But there's one thing further that *really* pisses me off...

Damnit, if you're running an ISP or a domain or what have you, and you have apparent "undeliverable mail"... there is NO DAMN NEED to send THE ENTIRE ATTACHMENT back through the goddamn mail when sending the error message to the apparent sender. Especially since, unless you've had your head up your ass for a LONG time now, you should know that a lot of times the apparent sender of a virus-ridden message isn't the person who really sent it.

Really, this simple realization on the part of a bunch of people who should really know better would cut down on my spam right now immensely - about half of these messages are "bounce messages" that I never sent in the first place, sending the virus right "back" to me. The other half being, of course, the nice little professional-looking Microsoft emails that might actually fool me (okay, I said *might*) if a) I wasn't paranoid, b) I didn't know that Microsoft doesn't send attachments but directs people to their website, and c) I didn't get about TEN OF THEM AN HOUR.


(Inhale. Exhale.)
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