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Apropos of nothing...

Why does it have to be so damned hard to get some decent folksy/celtic music over iTunes? I mean, I want to hear what things like Banish Misfortune sound like, but some of the short versions I can sample leave me wanting, and it's hard to tell offhand what the "best" or most true-to-source versions might be. I'm especially wary of trying something by "Keltik Kharma" and expecting it to be at all authentic. *sigh*

And must it really be so damned impossible to find any version of Sidhe Beg and Sidhe More, Shee Begh and Shee Mohr, Sidhe Beag & Sidhe Mor, or one of the thousand OTHER ways they spell it, and also have it be worth the purchase? Yargh! At least I still have a version I like on cassette, but a) it's shorter than I'd like, and b) it's annoying to have to find it and dig it out whenever I feel like giving it a listen.

Edited to update: Damnit. Based on what I could hear of the samples, I went with Si' Beag Si' Mo'r by the Blarney Pilgrims, despite their elvan armies apparently having been ravaged by rampaging apostrophes somewhere along the way. And it sounded fine until about 1/3 of the way in, where apparently one sidhe army was reinforced by rusty pipes, another by in-heat cats, and the two sides mated somewhere mid-battle.

The hell? When did "folk" music become synonymous with "Add out-of-tune wailing of wind instrument to taste, stir well"?

Oh, and for those thinking I'm kidding about the different spellings... try typing "beag" into the search bar on iTunes. And that's not all of the spellings, just the ones that spell that particular word in that way...


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Jun. 18th, 2006 11:38 pm (UTC)
When did "folk" music become synonymous with "Add out-of-tune wailing of wind instrument to taste, stir well"?

....welllllllll... Around the same time Vaguely-Ethnic-Wailing became soundtrack garnish of choice for historical movies?

I should just record S*e B*g & S*e M*r* with a recorder and send it to you ;-).
Jun. 18th, 2006 11:42 pm (UTC)
You're reading Lackey, by any chance? I ask because, well, I'm rereading my Elves On The Road Universe collection of ebooks at the moment and those songs and some others come by frequently. Heather Alexander (she of March Of Cambreath fame) has made several CDs with music inspired by/written by/cowritten by Lackey, and thus I suspect that her Banish Misfortune, at least, is reasonably close to what Lackey, at least, was intending.
Jun. 18th, 2006 11:58 pm (UTC)
Not currently, but recently, and yeah, that's one of the things that gets me on a kick to see what those particular songs sound like. (Which acts as a gateway - I got the one cassette in question in great part to hear "Sheebeg and Sheemore" as I think it's spelled there, and was introduced to one of my favorites, "Blind Mary.") That's also why I have a copy of "Danse Macabre" on my playlist, which gets decent play... Lackey does have good taste in music, usually, at the very least. ;)

Hrm, I really should look for those Heather Alexander thingies then. Thanks!
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