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Not a bang, but a whimper

Well, I was right - by the time Isobel got to us, her fury was pretty much spent. Oh, we got rain - lots of rain, and it's still drizzling and apparently calling for rain off and on all day - but no major badness. Unless it's flooded somewhere in the area due to the amounts of rain, though I haven't heard of that yet. Oh, and I'm not saying that Isobel was a dud elsewhere, but just by the time she got to us, it wasn't as bad as everyone was making out she'd be.

On another front, unfortunately my damselfish and angelfish both didn't make it. :( I was hoping they might pull through, since they were both still alive when I went to bed last night, but either more things are out-of-whack in my aquarium than I thought, or they just had too much permanent damage to survive, or things are slower getting back to normal levels than I thought. I don't really know. My worm goby is still alive, and I'm really hoping he'll be okay at least, but he's the last of my fish. My shrimp is still alive, and I'm not sure yet about my other smaller crawling inhabitants. *sigh*

Anyhow, to try to end on a bit more cheerful of a note, here's another meme that a friend sent me (although for all I know everyone's found it already, since I haven't yet checked my friends' journals - figured I'd check in first)...

Your pirate name is:

Mad Mary Flint

What's my pirate name?
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