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Stick a fork in me...

I'm done. Or maybe. Probably not. Might still do more tonight. We'll see.

But physically? I am Tired. Not so much "sleepy" tired for once (I did manage to get around 8 hours of broken sleep last night/this morning) as just physically knackered. Although I did notice I still have huge circles under my eyes when I got outta the shower and looked in the mirror so... that probably doesn't help.

Lessee. I didn't get 3 things on my main "to do" list done, but the first at least I tried to do. I went to dig more in my herb garden right around twilight, hoping to get it done before it was too dark to see, and promptly started getting dive-bombed by some unknown insect. Seriously, it body-slammed me 3 times. I decided at that point to promptly retreat. Not because of any "bugs! Icky! It TOUCHED me!" vibes, but because I know we have hornets nesting somewhere nearby, and I didn't want to take the chance of it being one of those doing some warning shots before deciding to sting. I doubt it, but... wasn't going to risk it.

Didn't really get the laundry room cleaned, but might do a bit of that tonight still. And want to try to do the writing before I go to sleep, so... those still might end up crossed off. Also may try to tackle the kitchen table tonight yet, we'll see.

What was the real killer though was the pond. I didn't get near as much of that cleaned out as I wanted, but what I did do was worthy of the being-crossed-off-ness because dude. Exhausted the hell outta me. Seriously, never EVER let cattails get out of hand. I won't say "never have a pond in your yard" because they're awesome, but keep on top of it. Even if you gotta go out bare-assed nekkid in 30 degrees to get everything settled in before winter and stuff like that, do it, because when it gets out of control you've got a lot of nasty work ahead of you. Take it from me.

So for tomorrow:

Possible To-Do List (not going to have any of this as definites, since I've been doing some of the "possibles" before the "definites" anyhow :p... instead I'll just pick and choose from the list):

Write more in novel
Go to the mall and/or Lowe's
More dishes
Clear off kitchen table
Clear out part of laundry room
More cleaning in bedroom
Clear out more of pond
Dig out more of herb garden
Clear out more of flower bed
Clean part of computer room
Cut some branches
Clean part of front (connecting) room at bottom of stairs

Mmmm... I think that'll do for now. Oh yeah, and:

Collapse from exhaustion

Oh well, wish me luck! I'll try to update as I do more...
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