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Link y'all should read

Yeah, I'm slowly working on getting some stuff done, but for now I wanted to link a journal for you to read. It's a story of this year's Mardi Gras, and very bittersweet, especially in the last entry. Many of you will have seen it not only on your friends list, but linked from other places on your friends list, but sit through the link again anyhow for those who haven't.

It's three parts, text and pictures, and the first part starts here.

A relevant bit of text toward the end quoted here:


Link this story. Tell people about it.

Not for aggrandizement of me, or for... whatever selfish purpose, but to say to them what I say to you:

Look. Here is a city - an American city, one of our own - that is unique in the world. It has brought us all, whether we've ever been there or not, sweet music and delicious food and culture and heritage and history and beauty and joy. And it needs your help.

It does not deserve to die. It does not deserve to be forgotten. If we allow New Orleans to fester and fade, what does that say about us? Is that what we want to be written in history - that a storm is stronger than the whole of America? That we just couldn't be bothered to save one of our oldest and most distinctive cities? Is that how far we have fallen?


So... what are you waiting for?
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