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Whee. Zzz.

Managed to snatch about another hour of half-blissful half-slumber before being woke up AGAIN to have to deal with a person at the door AGAIN (and someone who wanted/needed paying, no less! The noive!) So at that point I just gave up.

Managed to get a bit of the stuff on my list done today, the rest gets moved to tomorrow unless I get some done tonight yet. Instead of updating the previous list as I went, I decided just to repeat and update it here:

To Do (today):

Pay billsDone, except for one where the internet payment option is on the fritz again (I'll give it a couple days before I give in and send in a physical payment), and one that hasn't arrived yet.
Clean cat box and bird cage (funny how often that crops up, no?) These pets... are clean!
Encroach further upon the Dishes Terrorist Front. It's for the sake of Homeland Security, people! some done, still need more.
Laundry Two loads. Go me! Who da woman? It's your birthday! Go me!
Finish digging herb bed Except now that it's dug, it looks a bit narrow, and I may end up expanding it.
Clear out more of the mess from the pond (weather permitting) *BZZZT* Too hot, too tired.
Clean out part of bedroom
Clean out part of laundry room
Gather trash, including old food that should be destroyed ere it gain sentience. (Unless it wants to do my taxes.) No taxes, so it went.
Write a little bit in my poor neglected novel/try to bitchslap my Muse into working again. Slacker.

("Possibly to do" list snipped since I didn't get any of it done, oops)

Looks like I did alright on most of the specific tasks, but washed out on the more general "clear out this general area a bit" tasks I'd set for myself. Not too bad considering I've been a half-asleep zombie most of the day. When you're writing a check to pay a bill and get the month and day without having to look for it, then have to double check on your computer to make sure of the year, it's probably a sign you need a little more sleep in your diet.

I also walked down (wasn't gonna try to drive anywhere) to the nearby fruit/veggie/plant shop and bought a few plants to... er... plant. So I got some rosemary, chives, and thyme in my newly-dug herb garden (although I should have waited for the turned-over turf to dry/die out a bit, which I'll do before I try any seeds, though it's probably too late for those to grow). Also got something called chocolate mint that I dug out a little spot for in my mint forestgarden, and two small lavender plants that I put in the circular area around the mailbox in front of the house. I also got one small tray of four flowers... I'm not a daisy person, nor a fan of the color yellow, but when I saw that the name of the flowers were "Gloriosa daisies" I ended up picking them up on a whim. I am such a sad, sad fangirl. ^^;; Oh well, I want to try to get a *little* variety in color in my flower bed, assuming I get it planted, so they can go in there.

So, with that done... my tasks for tonight/tomorrow:

To Do:

Try to pay those remaining two bills
More Dishes
Dig more in herb bed to expand it
Clear out at least part of pond
Clean part of bedroom
Clean part of laundry room
Write in that novel, around 500 words. Grr.

Possibly To Do:

More laundry
Clear off kitchen table
Clean out part of computer room (well, I technically did a little of that tonight, but so little I can't even really count it.)
Clear out flower bed to get those new flowers planted at least (or put them in a pot) (well, slightly)
Make it to the mall to pick up a few things. (Like.. manga! All work and no play, and alladat)
Make it to Lowe's or someplace similar in search of strawberry plants and other nice-nice flowers/plants.
Clear out part of the pear tree branches to rescue sage, rose, etc.
More in novel! More more more!

This time, may update this same entry as I go... we'll see. I left myself with less positively to do I guess, but since I saw how today went... well, we'll see.

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