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I swear I give up on trying to sleep around this place. This morning it was the dog at 10:30 (with my screwy sleep schedule, I'd managed to get to sleep after 6am, mind), barking because a food home-delivery guy that makes the rounds every 2 weeks had been here, and had just left a note on the door saying he missed us. Then between various other noises, trucks pulling up out front, weed-eaters, etc., I haven't yet been able to get back to sleep. Now as I'm upstairs trying again, the dog barks *again*, this time the same delivery guy coming back 2 hours later. I can't win.

I thus submit to defeat before I even begin to tackle my "to-do" list today (well, except for some dishes). I'll try to get done what I can, but unless I get some more sleep, I've a feeling i'm not going to be up to much, especially the more physical outdoorsy stuff. I just don't function at all well on little sleep.

(And of course as I'm typing this up I get interrupted by a call for my father about a bill on my own line in here, yeesh.)

Oh well, off to try to drag the damn mutt back inside by the scruff of her neck if need be, and attempt once more to get *some* more sleep.


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Jun. 9th, 2006 02:33 am (UTC)
I hear you. I kept trying to sleep earlier today, and I kept getting woken up by stupid customers wanting to buy crap. A man needs his rest, consarn it... so now I read new manga (Viz sent out their June/July stuff early because of Anime Expo, btw), then sweet sleep.
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