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Maybe this day really is evil...

First off, woke up STILL with the headache that I went to bed with last night. Hate hate hate migraines, or sinus headaches, or whatever the hell they are. Suck. Which isn't all that important considering *after* I got up, but still is suckitude for me in an immediate sense.

So as I said, headache is bad enough, but then just a bit after noon the phone rings and my father answers it. It's one of his family up in Wisconsin (he has a large family, and most of them stayed up around there to live. We're in Maryland, for those playing along who don't know). Apparently his sister-in-law Stella had died... well, I don't know when. Someone had tried to call yesterday when apparently no one was there to get the phone (or of course they're just lying or whatever), and instead of y'know leaving a message on the answering machine or something, they don't bother to do anything except wait until today to call back. (Yeah, that'd be a crap message to leave on the answering machine, but at least they could say "hey, this is so and so, please call back as soon as you get this message" or whatever.)

And the kicker? The funeral is *tomorrow*. Which means that my father, with an overdeveloped sense of familial obligation IMHO, left on like 1 or 2 hours' notice to drive from Maryland up to Wisconsin, *hopefully* arriving in time for the funeral. Lovely.

I knew there was a reason I don't go in for the whole extended "family" thing much. -_-

And heck, just for the heck of it and since I haven't done one for a while... a poll!

Poll #743242 What Would You Do?

If you were called in such a situation on such short notice to a funeral so far away, for an in-law, would you...

a) Immediately (or within a couple hours) start driving up.
b) Make your apologies and say how sorry you were that you couldn't make the funeral.
c) Same as b, but with an added dose of btiching-out.
e) Make some other arrangements, such as trying to find a flight, even on a tight budget.
e) Say nothing, but start hiring hitmen.

Insert any other options in comments, whatever.
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