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First off: another meme.

The Potion Maker
cerebratenium is a translucent, sandy white powder made from the leaves of a forget-me-not.
stormfeatherium is an opaque, oily opalescent liquid extracted from the root of a monkshood.
Mixing cerebratenium with stormfeatherium causes a violent chemical reaction, producing a translucent grey potion which gives the user the power of incredible speed.
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

Second, since I posted my weird dreams yesterday, I might as well mention that in last night's installment, I was apparently an up-and-coming young actress. Or at least a starting actress hoping for more and better roles - about all I remember was that I had been one of the main characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer II, and that I had a brief role as Mystique (avec blue skin dye and red hair dye/hair straightening and everything) in another movie. (As another thought - why the hell are all these mutants suddenly creeping into my dreams?) I also vaguely remember picking up a calendar from the BtVSII movie that had been reduced to two dollars and some change, and being a bit annoyed that though my role was fairly large in the film, the only pic I could find of myself was basically in the big group shot (where I was at the front). Weird.

And since I mentioned my fish yesterday, I might as well give an update on them - basically I'm pretty sure it's the nitrites built up to toxic levels in the tank, possibly a bit of ammonia as well - apparently when I cleaned out the filter a week or so ago (it had been clogged by algae and so forth) I didn't quite adjust everything back the right way, and the water flow wasn't going over all of the various parts of the filter that it should have been. So anyhow I've done a partial water change yesterday and then again today, in hopes of getting some of the toxic levels of chemicals back down to normal, and have added in some new beneficial bacteria via a commercial powder that you can buy. The fish that were alive yesterday as of writing my journal are still alive, but are still breathing with difficulty and hovering near the top of the tank most of the time, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that they make it.

As for the hurricane - well, it's been raining here all day off and on, but not too very badly. It's starting to feel like the rain's settling in for good now, and it'll probably just get worse from this point on. So I'll keep my fingers crossed there, as well.
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