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Character Meme Answers

Alright, so... fifteen unknown characters, and six questions about those characters. Shall we begin?

First off, the list of characters:

1. Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura)
2. Charlie (Lost, although I haven't quite finished season 1 keep in mind)
3. Dias Flac (Star Ocean: The Second Story video game)
4. Louis (Interview With the Vampire)
5. Hercule Poirot (the Agatha Christie novels)
6. Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)
7. Aeris/Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)
8. Yuber (Suikoden video game and some of its sequels)
9. Chairman Kaga (Iron Chef, yes, I'd say he counts as a fictional character)
10. Nightcrawler (various X-Men series, movies, etc.)
11. Nanny Ogg (the Discworld novels)
12. Alucard (the Castlevania series, most notably Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
13. Kitty Pryde (Again, X-Men)
14. General Woundwort (Watership Down)
15. Sesshomaru (Inu Yasha... see icon)

Alright, and with the cast assembled (hey, shut up, it's NOT too many bishounen), let us begin!

dscotton: If 1, 7, 8, and 11 were a party in a Japanese RPG, what would the plot of their game be? What would the gameplay be like?

The game would be called Fate and Chaos and would consist of you playing through alternately as the various three female characters (with Sakura as the maiden, Nanny Ogg as the mother, and Aeris trying her best to be the "Other One" because Nanny steadfastly refused) and the order you play them in and their various actions determining the fate not only for the characters, but for the world. Occasionally Yuber would appear (at least semi-randomly) and more or less hijack the plot off onto some chaotic sidequest or other.

desdenova: 2, 5, 9, 12, & 13 are in a chart-topping band together. What is the line-up (i.e. who plays what instrument), and what is the band's name? Which one can't handle fame, and descends into a mire of drugs, booze, and hookers? Which of the other ten characters do the remaining band members get to replace him/her?

Ho boy. Well, we'd have Charlie on bass of course. I remember seeing some alternate world with Kitty Pryde playing something, but I can't remember what. She seems like she'd go well on drums though, so we'll put her there. Poirot, with his fingers good at sleight-of-hand, would be good on keyboards I think. Alucard, who's had plenty of time to master pretty much anything, would be the guitarist, with Chairman Kaga of COURSE being the lead vocalist. The band would immediately quash Charlie's suggestion of "Driveshaft Jr." and call the band Tetsu no Neko.

I'd be tempted to go the easy route and say that Charlie would be the one to descend into booze, drugs, etc., but he's been there, done that, and as miserable as it was I don't think he'd do it again. No, it'd be Kaga that went off on a three-day bell pepper bender and had an overdose, and the remaining members, tired of him scoring their performance each night anyhow, would vote in Sesshomaru to replace him for his similar but better fashion sense, and immediately rename the group "Cats and Dogs"

texas_tiger: If #3, #5, #8, & #12 were roommates, which one would be the whiny crybaby princess, which one would be the responsible hardworking one, which one would walk out mysteriously 6 months into the lease without saying anything and which one would turn into a homicidal maniac and shoot the rest?

Hercule Poirot would be the hardworking one, both because of mysteries constantly throwing themselves at his feet and to get away from his unorderly new roommates. Yuber would "mysteriously" walk out, because a) he wouldn't ever stick around for very long anyhow, and b) he'd caught a glimpse of the heavily armored mysterious next-door tenant just moving in the day before. Alucard I guess would be the closest to a crybaby princess, although really he'd just be more emo than anything. And Mr. anti-social Dias would be the one to turn around and kill everyone when he just couldn't take it anymore, although it'd be with a sword, not a gun.

dis_connection: Out of #1, #7 and #11, which one would be the most likely to climb a clock tower with a high-powered rifle, and which one would be standing ont he ground with a megaphone?

Out of those three it'd be Nanny climbing the clock tower, but only after a few drinks, and only so's that she could get everyone's attention with the rifle before starting off on the first round of the Hedgehog Song, since everyone could hear her so much better from up there. I could see either Sakura or Aeris trying to talk her down, although in the end I think it'd be Aeris, while Sakura was trying to actually get her down through more direct action.

leighdb: If #4 were to play a practical joke on #10, what would the joke be and how likely is it that fatalities would be involved?

If anything, I would normally think the roles would be reversed... Nightcrawler would be much more the practical joking type than Louis. But since I must take it as it's given... Louis would think that Nightcrawler was some twisted new creation of Lestat, and decide to try to leave his hand draping out in the sun while Kurt slept. (Think bowl of warm water...) Nightcrawler, of course not being affected, would decide to teleport him off into the middle of the river and drop him there. After Louis returned dripping and wet and emoted and angsted at him for a while, Kurt would repent and offer to buy him a drink. Hilarity ensues.

prince_corwin: #6 finally lands his dream job: Late (late (late!)) night television talkshow host. Which does he draft to be his sidekick? Which are the first three guests on the first show? Which desperately wanted to be one of the first guests, but is rebuffed?

Well, Kenshin being Kenshin, and with a sweet spot for cute little girls, he'd draft Sakura to be his sidekick. His first three guests would be Dias Flac (a fellow legendary swordsman, so they'd have things in common to talk about), Nanny Ogg (how could she not liven up a late late late night show?) and Charlie, to talk about the demise of his old band ("We were called Driveshaft! We had two albums!" and new band after the Bell Pepper Incident). General Woundwort, with his ego, would think himself the perfect and most important talk show guest, but would be rebuffed because... well... dude. It's a rabbit.

Aaand that should do it! Hope y'all enjoyed it!
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