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15 Characters on a Dead Man's Chest...

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of...


Sorry. Anyhow, this is that one overdue meme that I'd been meaning to do, because, y'know, it's fun. Unless like absolutely no one responds, at which point I'll just feel dumb.


I've made up a list of 15 happy-fun characters - from books, anime, games, whatever. But you don't get to know who they are yet, oh no. Ask me questions about them in the comments, such as "if #3 were to hit on #9, what would they say, and what would #7 think when they walked into the room?" or whatever. (Note I'm not looking at my list as I come up with that, so don't take it as a hint :p )

Then after a day or couple days, assuming I get responses, I let you know the characters and the answers to the questions in a new post. Which should be fun.

So have at it!
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