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FINALLY got Suikoden V earlier today. It's MINE, you can't HAVE it.

Actually, it's been boring me so far -_-... but then, Suikoden games do tend to start off slooow, and this seems to be no exception, and even be taking things farther in that direction. It also might be the fact that I'm tired as all hell today, not having slept as well as I'd like last night. Feh. Both my apetite and sleepingness are still out of whack.

And of course now I'll barely be able to spend any quality time with my pressshus before Kingdom Hearts 2 and some other stuff comes out. And then I have to decide who to dally with. Yargh.

Plus the thought that keeps nagging me that I should, y'know, do something more constructive. DOWN thoughts, Down! *cracks whip*

At least we did get some of my mother's more concrete things out of the house today - her hospital bed, wheelchair, stuff like that, which a relative shipped off to give to someone else who could use that sort of stuff. I should sometime soon go through her clothes, put other stuff out of the way, etc., it's just not something I'm looking forward to at all.
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