Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Books! Yay!

So today I got some more books that I'd ordered from Amazon. Always a good thing. Y'know, online bookstores are eeeevil. At least before their advent, my mad biblio-binges were restricted by what was locally available, or what I wanted enough to go through the annoying process of ordering, or once in a while what I might pick up whilst visiting another locale. Nowadays it's more of an "Oooh, that book sounds semi-interesting. Must buy. *click* Bought" sort of deal. Very bad. But oh so good.

The current batch of books? Actually, some more of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Which are technically targed for younger readers, but I've gotten on a kick lately and really I enjoy getting the window on a bit of pioneer life, what it was like from the inside and in the daily grind. That, and they're really light reading, which I welcome when I'm currently in a writing project, honestly.

Also in this batch was my copy of the Live-Action Supplement for Nobilis. No, I don't plan to use it for actual LARPing, thanks. But it does supposedly contain some useful rules clarifications and examples, something that the system dearly needs. Plus it's got more nifty art.

Those who have no clue what Nobilis is, but are interested in RPGs or even fantasy-type stuff in general are strongly suggested to peruse this.

*sigh* Not that I'll have much time to read anyhow, since I'm busy. But there's always a *little* time for books, right?
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