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Dreams and reality

Wow, for some reason I've been having odd dreams the past couple nights, and I'm not sure why. I just wish I could remember them in more clarity. From the night before last, I remember dreaming about having a singing/talking doll (I think it was a bear) that I'd gotten from Freddie Mercury before he died, and having Brian May's nose out of joint because Freddie had been running some sort of RPG-ish campaign before his death, and Brian May thought that he'd been supposed to take it over afterward, and instead I ended up playing in the follow-up campaign that was run by my friend Will. (Who in reality I haven't seen for years. And it goes without saying that I've never even met the other two in real life.)

Last night, I forget most of the dream as well, but I do remember my mother having eaten a black olive (again, which she doesn't even like IRL), and having it make her feel very nauseous and just not agreeing with her at all. And then in a completely unrelated and even odder bit of dream, I remember Magneto and Cyclops making out and showing the world that they were now lovers, on national TV on a game show for mutants that was moderated/run by Professor Xavier, to (from what I can remember) help bring mutants closer to normal people, bring them into their homes, etc.

What the hell is my subconscious smoking?

In reality though I'm starting to get a bit worried. The reason? Hurricane Isobel, naturally, since I live in Maryland. It's making me a bit nervous that they're calling for the storm to come more or less directly over us. We're about a 5 hours' drive from the east coast though, and a 2 1/2 or 3 hours' drive even from the closest point of the Chesepeake Bay, so I'm figuring that whatever happens, after travelling overland for a while the storm won't be a full-on hurricane. But yeah, if no one hears from me for a day or two (or three...) just assume that power has been lost to the ether for a while. Hell, they're calling for the Baltimore area to be possibly without power for as much as 7 days, and I'm not quite certain where our own power comes from. I *think* Pennsylvania, but I'm not certain. And of course if phone lines are out, that could keep me offline as well. Joy.

That said, since I mostly talk about my fish on my journal, a quick update - I've now got 6 adult guppies in the tank (I picked up 2 more to replace the previous ones that had died, this time from the same place I got the original fish), and the babies are growing steadily and I *think* out of danger now of being eaten. A surprising number (I'd say at least 7 or so) have made it thus far, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. On a much sadder note, I woke up this morning to find two of my damselfish in the saltwater tank (the blue damsel and domino damsel) dead, from I know not what. And my other fish are acting a bit suspicious, and not interested in food - bad sign. I've done a partial water-change and tried to buffer the Ph a bit, and I'm really hoping that it fixes whatever the problem is, and in time to help the other fish. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

(And yes, I really should learn how to do an LJ cut.)
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