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Just... must... vent...

Damnit people, words have meanings. And if you're trying to get a point across as an "expert," it behooves you to at least use the right words. Okay, maybe not words that are really in your particular field exactly but... Aaaarrrgh!

Sorry, I'm just here "watching" (ie, have the TV on while I'm working with documents) a program on Henry the VIII on National Geographic or something. I've barely really seen/heard any of it, but I did just pick up on one of the experts saying that he was "literally a monster incarnate" toward the end of his life.

What? Really? Did he suddenly morph into Godzilla or something? Get bitten by a vampire? No? Then DON'T USE THE WORD LITERALLY! *smack*

Sorry, that word is just flipping my "annoyance" switch more and more and more, the more people mis-use and abuse it. "Literally" has a specific meaning. This meaning is not "extremely" or "I really really mean this!" And I didn't think that it was such an obtuse definition that well-read people who know enough to be consulted as historical experts on such a program would be throwing it around like this. *sigh*

That will be all. Just had to get that off my chest. Grr.
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