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Since as I mentioned I got an order the other day, here are my thoughts on what I've tried so far. (Other than the Gingerbread Poppet, which I already covered in the original post, and which was yummy.):

Alice (Mad Tea Party): "Curiouser and curiouser. Milk and honey with rose, carnation and bergamot. "

I ordered this as part of my samples and expected it to be light and very sweet, but on the initial tryout at least, this wasn't the case. At least on my skin. (Apparently it is very very sweet on others.) Actually, I honestly didn't like this all that much. I know I've used the "cheap perfume" description on a couple other scents that just didn't work out too well on my skin and I couldn't pick out individual notes too well. But that's the case here too - I couldn't pick out the honey, or the rose, or anything else too well. It just all came together in a very slightly sweet mess that reminded me of the perfumes you try out at discount department stores or whatever. I do want to give it a try later again though, and see if my body chemistry was just having an "off" day.

White Rabbit (Mad Tea Party): "Strong black tea and milk with white pepper, ginger, honey and vanilla, spilled over the crisp scent of clean linen."

This on the other hand was one of the freebies they sent. Oddly enough, it turned out to smell sweeter on me than the "Alice" did, and I liked it more. I still didn't really pick out other notes though, but at least the blend wasn't as unpleasant to my nose, and there was that sweetness there. But it's not something that I fell in love with and want to order again, though.

Dragon's Milk (Ars Draconis): A truly fae nectar! Dragon's blood resin and honeyed vanilla.

This was also part of my order, and was much much nicer. The sweetness and slightly herbal/incense scent of dragon's blood, and a hint of the other kind of sweetness and foodiness of vanilla. A nice blend overall, and I liked it more than the straight Dragon's Blood, at least as a perfume. While vanilla is a bit sweet on its own, somehow the different *kind* of sweetness helps tone down the sharp sweet smell of dragon's blood, and adds body. I rather liked this, though I'd have to do more tryouts to see if I'd like it enough to order an actual vial. Especially since there are some other scents that I'm considering for that, and I don't want to shell out for *too* many bottles, yeesh.

Wrath (Sin & Salvation): "A scent aflame with rage, swirling in the red haze of hatred: dragon's blood spiked with black pepper, clove, and cinnamon."

This one was another of the frimps (free imps). I decided to try it after the Dragon's Milk because of the similar color, and it turned out that that was because it also had dragon's blood, which I could tell just from the scent (and I'm not too spiffy at picking out individual notes, without knowing ahead of time what's in the scent). It wasn't quite as sweet overall, though still sweet enough because of the stronger note of dragon's blood. I actually didn't pick up on the pepper and hot scents. Overall, it was pleasant, but it was also hard for me to consider it on its own, since I tried it just after the similar Dragon's Milk.

Thaleia (Excolo): (Actually Thalia on the label for the Imp) "Thaleia the Flourishing is the Muse of Comedy and Pastoral Poetry, and shares the same name as one of the Gratiæ. She is a very down-to-Earth Goddess, and has a special fondness for rural folk. She wears a crown of ivy leaves and carries the Mask of Comedy and a shepherd’s crook. The Blooming One is the Goddess of Comedians and inspires creativity in wit and the joy and release we have in laughter. A vivacious, dazzling, merry scent: honey, ylang ylang, apricot, ciste, blood orange and gardenia with earthy, warm tonka. "

This was also part of my original sample order. While I'd be hard-pressed to tell just what in the melange of scents is, say, ylang ylang, and what's ciste, and I still don't know what tonka is other than a toy truck... overall, it was a nice pleasant floral scent, with just the right hint of sweetness (probably the honey), and I did like it. Not so much that I'll probably get an actual vial, especially with the disclaimer I gave above about having other scents vying for that honor... but I certainly wouldn't mind wearing this out and about.

Dorian (Sin & Salvation): "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself. Inspired by and created for my beloved Tedwin: my eternal, beautiful, wicked Dorian Gray. Refined, elegant, and lovely, with a noble bearing and seemingly gentle air. This blend is an artful deception: a sweet gilded blossom lying over a twisted and corrupted core. A Victorian fougere with three pale musks and dark, sugared vanilla tea. "

Another freebie. Wonder if they're trying to move the Sinful stuff. ;) Anyhow, although the description of this is destinctly non-floral (although I guess you could consider tea floral), that was the impression I got from this. Now I'm wondering if maybe the Thaleia wasn't as far gone as I thought it was - I waited a good bit, and scrubbed my wrists, but it may not have been enough to get rid of the former scent. Or else the combination of notes here culminated in something, with my chemistry, that was a bit deceptive. At any rate it was maybe a bit sweeter than the other, and not quite as pleasant, but not unpleasant either. Fairly neutral, honestly. I'll have to give it another whirl another time, when I'm sure I don't have a scent already on.

Well, that does it for the ones I've tried so far. Five more to go - three that I asked for, and two that were freebies.
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