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More memeage!

What, y'all don't want an actual thought-out entry today, do you?

Via leighdb:

5 things that would require you to hand in your Geek Card

1. The inner workings of computers (hardware and software) are all Greek to me. (That's Greek, not Geek.) I read some of the posts about how to work around Windows exploits and so on, and it's just so many words. I just Don't Get It. About the extent of my tinkering around inside my computers has been to add more RAM, to fasten down a worked-loose cooling fan, and the like. It's my Dirty Secret.

2. I read/enjoy very little straight Sci Fi. While I devour a decent amount of fantasy, I've read a whole one book by Asimov, haven't read any Heinlein, frex.

3. I'm really bad about watching current movies (one reason I'm considering trying out NetFlix, to remedy some of this). This includes... er... *coughs* *shuffles feet* not yet having watched any of the newest Star Wars trilogy. (Okay, part of that was the less-than-stellar receptions, but still. I am, like, so ashamed.)

4. I'm just about equally bad about keeping up on current geek TV. I haven't yet seen Lost. I haven't seen Firefly. I've started trying to watch Mythbusters, but keep forgetting to. And half of what most of my peers seem to enjoy, I just Don't Get. Like... Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Once in a while something funny, but most of the time... ick.

5. I just Don't Care about Star Trek. I spend a year or so on and off trying to catch up on some of it when it has the plethora of new stuff out and airing at once, but... meh. Just did nothing for me. I couldn't be bothered to learn *one* word in Klingon, let alone the whole language. Worf does nothing for me. I wouldn't know any of the crew of the Enterprise (I mean from the lastest "Enterprise" series) if they bit me in the ass. And I no longer feel any need to change this state of affairs.
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