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Updates for Everyone!

And since it's a kinda long entry again... broken up by lj cuts!

My first news is.... uh... I don't know if I should classify it good news or bad news. It sounds like bad news on the surface, but I can't help reacting to it as good news, which probably makes me an Evil Heartless Bitch (well, I already knew the first and third parts)... but not really. I'm just worn out, gah.

At any rate, we found out today that my mom's not coming home for Christmas. Like I said, it sounds like bad news, but...

a) really she was able to get in and out of the car, but just not very well at all, and they apparently just didn't really feel she was up to it in general. But at least even the bare fact that she could get in and out at all is a marked improvement over the last time she was attempting to do so.

b) She's hoping to only be in the nursing home another week or two anyhow, so not coming home at this point isn't exactly a huge blow.

c) I think pretty much all of us are Over Christmas for the time being (for me I've just been busier than usual for about three years around Christmastime and have let it sail past me - and I suspect my mother's joy for the season leached out when my grandfather passed away around ten years or so ago, on New Year's Eve). So it's not as huge a deal as it would be for someone who always has to get together with the family and celebrate on the holidays or else it doesn't feel right.

d) It lets me off the hook for trying to get decorated for Christmas and finish buying my parents' gifts in the next, well, one day on top of my work. Woot!

e) Probably the one that was giving me the most stress, I think we were *all* worried that my mom would get home and just not be able to make herself go back, which would just be bad if she's not really ready to come home yet. Because damn it's fucking hard to take care of someone who's not even really able to get up on one leg for a few seconds and swivel, believe me.

So... my first reaction upon hearing the news was, I'll admit, one of profound relief. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. I don't think so though. I do have pangs of guilt for feeling it now and then, but I think I'm realistic enough right now for the most part to realize that hey, there are limits to what people can really handle.

I've also tried some more of the newest batch of scents I got from BPAL.

Baron Samedi - "A notorious voodoo priest, who eventually rose to become one of the funereal Guédés, alongside Baron Cimitère and Baron La Croix. He is a Guardian of the Crossroads: the pathways between our world and the realm of the spirits. As a Master of the Graveyard, he ensures that burial rites are performed with skill, and he helps ferry souls to the dark realm. In his honor, we have created this scent: our spin on traditional Bay Rum."

So this is one of the imps I actually ordered, and I decided to try it next. Dabbed it on. Woohoo! Time for the lampshade and the party!

Seriously, when I ordered this I'd had pleasant memories of the smell of rum in general, but once I actually opened the vial I realized... I do not even remember what rum actually *smells like*, just that I'd smelled it before and had pleasant associations with it. (I think mostly of my grandfather, who wasn't a drunk by any means and in fact rarely drank, but who kept various types of liquor on his own shelf for breaking out on special occasions. Including moonshine brewed by some of my less sophisticated cousins, IIRC.)

So although scent is supposed to be especially good toward bringing out buried memories unexpectedly, I wasn't immediately brought back to any times I'd smelled rum in the past, but it still did evoke pleasant thoughts and feelings. And I didn't even have to drink the perfume oil in the process, which is a plus. So while I can't stand here and say that without a doubt this smells like spiced Bay Rum or anything, it's still pleasant, and evocative. Of course, I also realized the downside to going out smelling like you've been on a three-day binge after I put it on, so I still dunno if I'd purchase a bottle, but overall this one is positive. Finally.

Tintagel - "According to legend, the birthplace of King Arthur. The scent of a castle's great hall in the midst of joyous feasting. Spicy mulled wine flowing through the musky heat, warm leather and bright clash of armor, the damp branches of Cornish hawthorn, blackthorn, juniper, English elm and bayberry, and the magical tingle of dragon's blood resin."

This one's probably my favorite of this batch so far, and it's not even one I'd ordered (although I think I recall mentally marking it for possible try-outs at some point).

Unlike most of the scents I've tried, which tend to have one or two notes overpower the others on my skin, this one stayed pretty well blended, and I think is better for it. I could pick out the sweet scent of the dragon's blood, along with some of the spiciness and maaaybe a hint of the wine and woodsiness, but overall it's just a pleasant, slightly sweet but not overpowering scent, fairly light overall. Nice!

Kabuki - "Compelling, complex, and utterly enigmatic: a luxuriant, exotic blend of cherry, red musk, and star anise."

Now, this one sounds nice (which is why I'd selected it), but didn't work for me. Once I put it on, the cherry scent mostly overpowered the rest, which isn't bad in itself, but there was a strange sickly sweetness to it, maybe a result of a bit of another note poking through, that just turned me off. Albiet not enough that I won't at least give it another whirl at some point.

Block Buster - "Used to open up options in your life, overcome obstacles, and create opportunities. This blend increases your potential for success, inspires creativity and quick thinking, and helps you to be more flexible, adaptable and open to change."

And back to one of the ones I didn't order, but was thrown in free. I was afraid at first that "Block Buster" was really supposed to be blockbuster, and referring to movies and maybe was something really weird like popcorn and sticky sweets or something. But as you may note from the description, it's one of the "Voodoo Blends" category and refers to actually breaking open mental/spiritual blocks. And since the Voodoo Blends focus more on what they're geared toward doing and less on the ingredients, we thus get a description without the ingredients/scent notes.

When I first put this on, I was pleasantly surprised. It's a sweet, slightly citrus-y smell, and I liked it. Unfortunately the more it blended with my skin chemistry and dried, the more a bit of acrid, acid, nasty scent started just peaking through, enough to turn me off the scent in general. Again, not to the point where I'd never try it again, but enough that overall I don't think I like the scent. *sigh* Ah well.

Five more to go after this... yay!

Oh, and aside from these two update categories, I also got one of my Christmas gifts (well, two, with a gift certificate). Woot! A bag of plagues. How can life be complete without a bag of plushy, cute, vibrating (in some cases) plagues? ^^

Now, back to work methinks. Maybe with a bite of food to go with it.
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