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BPAL batch #3, first sniffs

So I've tried out four of the thirteen perfume oils so far from this batch, including the two Limited Edition scents.

As I said, I received the Sugar Cookie instead of Sugar Skull, but since that had been another one I planned to try out, I went ahead and opened the bottle and gave it a whirl. The description according to the site:

Sugar Cookie 2005 - "Revisited! The Devil’s Bake Sale has come back to town. "

Er, yeah, not the beefiest description. But having much liking for sugar cookies, I'd still wanted to give it a whirl, and see what it was like. (Besides, Devil's Bake Sale? Dude.) In the bottle it smelled interesting enough, with what I orignally thought of as booze of some kind taking the primary note, but now that I think upon it more, I think it's more the deep rich scent of vanilla extract that's been sitting in the bottle a long time. You know, *that* scent, not exactly straight vanilla, but the essence of vanilla after getting soused up and coming back for a warm sit by the fire. And with a good touch of the scents that you find in egg nog, in general (and that I'm not sure if it's the booze, or nutmeg, or what, honestly. I associate it with egg nog, but don't know exactly which scent it is.)

Anyhow, after that nice lead-in, I was frankly disappointed with the scent itself. Not that the smell was displeasing... but it just *died* once I put it on. Not went "rotten" or anything... the scent just would not really stay on my skin, even though I slathered it on more than I'd meant to in the first place, then added even more once I realized I couldn't really smell anything. Gah. I'll try it again more of course (especially since I have a freakin' small bottle of it, as it's limited edition and not sample-able), but it looks like this may be a scent that, if I want to use it, I'll have to sprinkle it on things around the house or something.

Samhain 2005 - "Revisited! All the depth, beauty and darkness of All Hallows Eve. Truly the scent of autumn itself -- damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein."

After the Sugar Cookie non-starter, I washed off what little of the scent there was (although really maybe I should have given it even more time to try to develop, but hey, I've got a lot of scents to make it through for my first spin through...), and decided to go ahead and try out the other LE scent, Samhain. After the problem with the lack of scent for the previous one, I slathered this one on a bit as well. OOPS.

The scent in the bottle was much as the description says, with notes of pine, fruity scents, and so on in a blend. Freshly on my skin? OMG the pine! Within minutes I felt like I was being attacked by a rabid Christmas tree. Holy crap, it was strong! This scent also may not have gotten a completely fair whirl due to the fact that I did my best to rinse most of it off almost right away, because it was waaay too damned strong, and I'd put too much on.

Anyhow though, after a while and a lot of drying, it mellowed a bit and some of the more fruity, woodsy scents came out, although the scent of pine was still the dominant note. Not sure if I may like it later after just adding a drop or two, but... I wasn't exactly charmed this time around. We'll see though, and see if the later mellower scent is worth a Pine Attack each time I put it on fresh.

Snake Oil - "By far, our most popular scent! Magnetic, mysterious, and exceedingly sexual in nature. A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla."

This was the first of the "imps" I tried from this batch, one that I ordered after having seen much raving over it on the BPAL forums (in the little bit I've visited there), and the fact that it's apparently the most popular scent by far. Honestly? Disappointed.

Part of the disappointment is the fact that like the Sugar Cookie, it mostly just died on my skin. Even adding a second coat, I more or less had to put my nose against my wrist and inhale to get the scent. I also wasn't too happy with the not-too-swoonful vaguely-incense scent I got at first, although as the scent dried and more of the vanilla came through, I liked it a bit more. And oddly, even though it was so damned weak, I could still smell the same faint scent on my wrist after going to bed and then getting up this morning.

Anywho, it's a decently pleasant scent when dried, but way too weak for me, and not anything to swoon over. *sigh*

Bastet - "Bast, Ubasti, Ailuros, Ba-en-Aset. Represented as both a domestic cat and a fierce lioness, she truly evidences traits of both. She is the Mother of All Cats, Goddess of Sensuality, Fertility, and a guardian and protector of women. She is also one of the Eyes of Ra, and in that aspect is an Avenging Goddess, seeking retribution and punishing enemies of her people. Luxuriant amber, warm Egyptian musk, fierce saffron and soft myrrh, almond, cardamom and golden lotus."

This wasn't one of the scents I'd ordered, but as I mentioned in my previous post I got five free imps along with the six I'd ordered (and two LE bottles), so I decided to start with an ordered scent, then alternate between ordered and free as I gave them all a whirl. Since I've at least had one good comment about Bastet on the previous entry and for other minor reasons, I decided to try this one next.

It's... pleasant, but nothing to write home about really, at least on my skin. I'm starting to think honestly that my body chemistry just sucks rocks by the way, because all these other lovely scents that other people rave about turn out "nice" or "okay" on my skin, but nothing swoon-worthy. Not that I'm dissatisfied with BPAL thus far - I have found some scents that are at least pleasant on me, which is more than I ever did with normal perfumes, and it's a lot of fun both to try them out and to wear them either out or around the house.

*ahem* Slight tangent aside, Bastet was like some of the other scents I've tried previously, and ended up as mostly an "incense" scent on my wrists. Not even really a specific incense (or one that I can name anyhow), but just a generic... incensy... scent. Blah. Hard to describe, but long story short, it's nice, but not heart-stopping. Although on the bright side it's neither completely weak on my skin nor overpowering, and it seems to last a good while.

And that seems to do it for the scents I've tried so far - four down, nine to go, and I hope I hit a few winners in this batch. And I still want to find my Marie, damnit!
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