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Shoot. Me. Now.

Just got done the bit of Christmas shopping I wanted to do. Ho boy. So. Dead.

Well, "done" is a relative term here. There are still a few things I might want to get, and places I might want to stop, but I was just too shopped out to even *care* today. Plus I started out freaking tired as hell, from getting six hours cumultative of reaaaally broken sleep the previous two nights, and around 5 hours or less last night (me being the type of person who usually needs 7 hours minimum to function well). I want to try to visit my mom tomorrow, so maybe I'll stop by before or after (assuming I make it out) and try to pick up a few last things. Hell, just realized I didn't even get any stocking stuffers. But this will of course depend in great part on how well I sleep tonight, damnit.

I'm also getting worse apparently as far as losing things goes, which is bad. I mean I've always been a bit... scattered and unorganized, but at the same time it's the lifestyle I'm used to, and I keep track of the Important Stuff. Except in the last few weeks or so I've misplaced that one perfume vial I most liked and wanted to keep trying (okay, granted, not a huge biggie), as well as the Coyote medallion I *always* wear around my neck when I go out... and now my gods' damned car keys. The only thing that let me go out shopping today (at least in my car) was the fact that we do have spare keys around. Grrrrraaaaarrr. (Granted, some of this misplacement may be because I'm also in the middle of trying to clean and organize, which always makes some things even more unorganized for a while, but STILL.)

It doesn't help that probably due to stress, lack of sleep, and lack of eating beforehand, it was a Bad Nerve Day, and I ended up pushing myself too damn far. Went to pick up some more of those folding bookshelves I got a couple weeks ago (which they still had, score!), and I'm glad that I've at least got them now and don't have to worry about it later, but it was just too much for me and I had to sorta just stand around for a while and breathe heavily while I worked my way past an "episode" before taking the bookshelves up to the counter. Bleh. Which makes me even less want to go do more shopping tomorrow, but on the bright side I think I'm starting to finally get a bit more used to the particular turn my nerves have been taking the past two or three years, and learn to work through the "episodes" a bit better. *knocks madly on wood*

Will probably do a BPAL update in a bit, but for now, time to rest a bit and grab some food now that my stomach's settling before getting some Stuff Done.

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