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BPAL Christmas! Whee!

As I mentioned in the previous entry, I got an order from Black Phoenix today, so time to go through that, shall we? After all a gal needs some enjoyment. ;)

Before I get into this order, I'll mention that I'm vaguely annoyed. I put my imp of "Marie" somewhere weird after my first use, apparently, rather than back with the other scents, and I've yet to find it. And that sucks, since on first blush it was the scent out of the batch that I liked the most, and I've come to like some of the other scents enough that I'm even considering an order of an actual bottle... so... GAH.

That can go on the back-burner for a while though, because I got my new order today to play with. It also has my first two actual bottles (rather than the sample-sized imps), but surprisingly they're not one of the various scents I've tried up to this point already - they're two limited edition scents which I wanted to go ahead and order, since those can only be purchased for (duh) a limited time, and can't be ordered as samples.

On the down side however, one of the limited edition scents is the wrong one. -_- I ordered Sugar Skull (Halloween LE), but got Sugar Cookie (Christmas LE) instead. Now, on the bright side, Sugar Cookie is one of the Christmas LE scents toward the top of the list of ones I wanted to try, anyhow, so it's not like it'll be useless or whatever (I haven't ordered the Christmas ones I want yet since they have a cut-off date in mid-January, for the record). Back on the down side, Sugar Skull sounded even nicer and I'd really liked to have tried it, but since it's way past the cut-off date I doubt I'd be able to get any at this point, even though it was a mistake on their end. Urgh. Still, I'll at least send a (nice, it's a mistake and they are but human after all, and it's not even really a bad mistake on my end) email off to them tonight or tomorrow and see if there's any way to get the other one.

As I said, I ordered two Limited Edition scents. Sugar Cookie (well, Sugar Skull, but see the above two paragraphs if you've got SERIOUS memory retention problems), and the other one was Samhain. I've tried Sugar Cookie out of curiosity, and it has a lot more of an alcohol scent in the bottle than I'd expected. Apparently these people put a bit of extra kick in their holiday baking. ;) I'll give descriptions for each scent when I've tried a few out and start posting my reactions.

Anywho, along with the two LE scents I also ordered another sample set, which consists (for those who've forgotten or haven't read the previous entries, for shame!) of six "imp's ears," or sample vials. You basically get to pick six scents from the catalogue, with limited edition scents and certain of the normal scent categories exempt, for the price of 16 bucks. (Single samples can also be bought for 3 bucks a pop, so it's a bit of a savings to buy six at a time, and much more fun!)

And in the spirit of Christmas giving (or perhaps because I'd put in a bigger order, I don't know how many they send standard), I got a full five "frimps" (or freebie samples) thrown in, whereas the previous two orders saw one frimp each. Which means that I have a total of thirteen (oooo, spooky) new scents to try out! Woohoo! And some I think were ones I'd been eyeballing a bit for future trying-out perhaps, somewhere down the line, so that's all good.

For the record, the imps I ordered are: Kabuki, Snake Oil, Baron Samedi, Sea of Glass, Envy, Black Phoenix. Then the five freebies I got are: Desire, Bastet, Saint-Germain, Tintagel, and Block Buster.

I'll post descriptions as I try them out and post reactions, as with the LE scents. For now, I'm just eager to get to trying!

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