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It *has* been a while, hasn't it?

I meant to keep up fairly regular entries, but honestly after I got done doing all the work that I was (over)doing, I ended up basically having the reaction of wanting to sit around and do almost nothing for the past couple weeks other than playing video games. Mmmm, video games. I'm still mostly in that mode, but starting to come back out of it. So I'm finally getting around to doing an entry.

Lessee - update on the fishies. Well, I decided not too long after my last "real" entry to stop by another pet store to see their selection, and ended up getting another (pretty) type of damsel fish for the salt water aquarium (which I like only because of the coloration - I'm not usually all that big on damsels, I usually have them mostly because they're cheap and hardy and good fish for getting the cycle in your aquarium started.) I also picked up two more neat-patterned/colored Shubunken (or however you spell it) for the pond, as well as picking up two more guppies that I liked for the guppy tank.

While the pond fish did well, I was a bit worried about the damsel for a while, since it got picked up especially at first by the other more aggressive damsels, and it took a while for him to come into his own - I was worried about him for a while. He seems to be settling in alright now finally, though. The problem though was the guppies - about two days or so after buying them, I found one of the newcomers dead in the tank, and the next morning the other was dead. Which was bad enough, but then the two following days each saw one of my six original guppies die as well, leaving me with four. I suspect that they may have had some sort of disease, and two of the guppies succumbed while the other four were healthy enough to shake it off, but I'm not sure, and I couldn't see any particular symptoms, like for Ich or anything. So I don't really know for sure what happened. :/

To make matters even worse, on one of the days that I found one of my original guppies dead, I also found one of my salt water fish (one of the original blue damselfish) in distress, and pretty much dying (it did in fact die later that day). I had a moment of panic figuring "oh great, all of the fish I bought are diseased and all of my tanks and probably my pond are going to end up getting wiped out," but after closer inspection it looked like the damselfish had had some sort of trauma to its mouth area, possibly from the coral banded shrimp, if he got too close and got attacked with the shrimp's claws. As none of the other salt water fish had any problems after that, that's my best guess, especially since I've seen Scamp (the shrimp) brandish his claws at the other fish if they start getting too far into his personal space.

One last fish update, although my guppy tank had some losses it looks like things are on an upswing now - as of yesterday there are now probably about ten or a dozen fry swimming around in there. I was beginning to wonder how much longer it would be - guppies only take a month between births, and it's getting close to a month since I bought them (and from what I've read they're almost always in some stage of pregnancy when you purchase them). I put some plants in the tank so that the babies will hopefully have someplace to hide and maybe possibly not all be eaten by the adult fish. We'll see.

Anyhow, this entry's already long enough, so that should do it for now, until the next update. Which may even be about me rather than my fish. (But I'd much rather talk about my fish!)
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