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Bah, humbug.

I've decided I'm not really doing much of Christmas this year. -_- I'll still probably send out a few gifts and what-not, and pick up something for my parents and attempt to wrestle ye ol' artificial tree out of the basement, along with the stockings. But if I do send out gifts they'll probably be late, and I'm not doing the Card Thang. So it's not that I don't love y'all but... no Christmas for you! :p At least, not on time.

And ugh, I don't want to think about what little I am doing, either. See, I've currently got a project on my plate, and when that happens for some reason it just shuts down my ability to really do other stuff around the house. Now I'm not going to say I'm a total little zombie that throws herself into work round the clock (unless it's a real crunch), but I seem to get into the groove where if I'm not working on the project, I'm relaxing to try to keep my mind sane, and when I'm not relaxing, I'm pretty much working on work itself rather than chores or whatnot. So... trying to fit in some getting-ready-for-Christmas-ness is a bit hard.

What reaaaally sucks is that I still need to do a bit of Christmas shopping for my parents, since my mom's coming home on Christmas Eve and going back to the nursing home on Christmas Day (I'm hoping not for very much longer, since she's to the point where they're at least going to see on Thursday if she's strong enough now to get into and out of a car). Frankly if it weren't for that I wouldn't bother with the tree and stuff at all, but as it is, I want to try to do a biiit more neatening up, get a tree up and decorated, hang the stockings and... as I said... get some gifts. UGH.

Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow - been feeling crap the past couple days, I think because of really broken sleep - and be able to slip out for some shopping before settling in to work.

Also, I received my latest order from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, but I think that'll get its own post so as to not clutter things too much for those totally uninterested.
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