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Surprise surprise, meme time

This one was a bit interesting, because it's questions, and I probably did horribly with them. Ah well.

Hope no one gets angry with me for the answers. Erk.

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) What is ddrwolfgirl's shoe size? Hrm... I'd say 8
2) Are missysedai and takhisis going out? .... Now that would be interesting. Let the snark commence!
3) What rank would fishmoon have in a giant robot army? Sergeant?
4) If silmaril were hanging off a cliff, what would paulobrien do? Pull her up, check the legalities, and have a drink at the pub. ;)
5) Which of your friends should krfsm go out with? o_O How about... silmaril?
6) How tall is cerebrate? 5'7"?
7) Is weimar an emo? *giggle*.... no
8) What exotic animal would missysedai like as a pet? Iguana. Oh wait, that she doesn't have? Um... a cow isn't exotic so... a tapir!
9) If texas_tiger and prince_corwin were spliced together, what would be its name? The Humble Tiger
10) How many monkeys could tempusthales fight at once and win against? 3
11) What animal should johan_g be combined with? hyena
12) What is epincus's favorite band/artist? um, ah... um... I'll go with Enya
13) What is epincus's biggest flaw? Too self-negative
14) What is krfsm's favorite game? Spin the bottle? ;)
15) What would you do if you found out epincus has a crush on you? Be flattered?
16) Has nubule dyed their hair? I... believe so?
17) Is adamjury popular? Sure!
18) Where did you first meet dominicflandry? I haven't, technically
19) If montoya and johnhummel were spliced together, what would it be like? Lots of books, lots of video games, and lots of books about video games
20) What is nubule allergic to? Girls! *duck and run*
21) How would missysedai kill _constantine? overdose of margaritas
22) What video game does paulobrien remind you of? Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Or X-Men Legends.
23) Is johan_g athletic? Mm.... yes?
24) krfsm's eye color? wibble... brown?
25) Did tempusthales break up with you? He broke my heart... oh wait, no, he didn't.
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