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Finished testing the BPAL stuff. The last first-round thoughts for this batch:

The Unicorn - "A misty, almost luminous perfume: wispy linden blossoms, white flowers, and a touch of sweet herbs. "

Well, the the sweetness came through for me, and it was definitely floral. Those are the two main descriptors I can think of for it honestly, sweet floral. It was pleasant, but it didn't hugely turn my crank, at least on the first try. It also seemed a bit light.

Marie - "A blend of sinuous violet and elegant tea rose: the chosen scent of France's Demigoddess of Debauch: Marie Antoinette."

So I put on Marie Antoinette's scent, and before and during that, was eating some cake. How apropos - a total scent/food experience. Seriously, this too was, um, sweet floral. But this one had a bit more "bustiness" to it. Or robustness, perhaps, if you want to be more dull. I was rather pleased with this scent, and will definitely have to give it more whirls.

Sri Lanka - "Indian sandalwood and cedar, and the dry incense smoke of olibanum, gum mastic, patchouli and myrrh."

This was the freebie sample that got sent this time with my order (last time I got a free vial of Greed,) so I tried it last, since I was least impatient to see what it was like. ;) And to be frank, the only thing that came out for me with this was the cedar, and quite strongly. Now, I think the scent of cedar on its own is pleasant, and as a pet person I have good associations between cedar and the thought of small cute fuzzy critters. But dude. I found that I do NOT want it as a perfume. Way too strong, and way too sharply sweet. I like sweet, but not this sweet. Not for me.

Besides, if I wore it out, I'd be afraid I'd get pissed on by a squirrel.

Actually made it out of the house shopping again today. This time I was off to "Ollie's," a local bargain outlet. I'm not pleased with a lot of bargain outlets because they a) don't seem all that cheap, and b) have something lacking in the quality of many of their goods. From what limited shopping I've done there though, Ollie's actually does often have some pretty good deals, and the quality of the goods doesn't seem to suffer.

I picked up a few things here and there that we needed - some pens, a few small storage boxes, a few snacks for the other spoiled princess dog, but what I was mostly going for was (insert dramatic music here) bookshelves. And I found them! Three foldable bookshelves, around waist height, each with three shelves. Score! And you don't even have to put them together, you just get them out of the box, unfold them, and let the shelves fall down into place. Double-score!

Now the main problem is that I bought two for my bedroom, to move my strategy guides and manga upstairs, and one for downstairs (either to hold books in the one front room, or to be used to hold video tapes and DVDs for my parents out in the kitchen, I haven't decided yet). Now, the one holding strategy guides is fine, and even has some extra space for now.

The manga shelf though... oy. I thought that surely even though the bookshelves aren't that big, if I resorted to stacking the manga double-deep, I should have plenty of room and be able to fit even more as I purchased it for a while. Ugh. I apparently forgot just HOW MUCH manga I've picked up over the few years since I started collecting, maybe (and I shudder to even think about articulating this, which luckily I don't have to do since this is a written medium), TOO MUCH manga. *gasp* I know, I know. Quelle horreur. I have manga on each of the three shelves now, and some manga in front of the back row on each shelf. I have some space right now, but I haven't rounded up and put away all of what I have - I have no room if what I have *now* will even all fit, when all's said and done. I'm thinking not, actually. Urgh.

I could I suppose try to use up some of the space room in the strategy guide shelf, though that really won't give me much. Then we'll see what I can cook up, I suppose.

In a somewhat related note, if anyone's interested in giving some extra copies of strategy guides a good home, leave a comment. If people are interested, I might post a short list of what I have that I might send out, if I ever, y'know, go out of the house again or something.
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