Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Updates (mother, BPAL, etc.)

First off, an update on my mom - she's pretty much over whatever it was that sent her back into the hospital this last time, but she's also still just too weak from being trapped in the hospital so much, so this time they're sending her (today) to a nursing home temporarily, while she undergoes physical therapy. Which is probably for the best for all of us, honestly, because it was wearing all three of us down trying to deal with her at home when she was still so weak and couldn't do anything.

And as I mentioned before, I got my latest Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab order yesterday. The ones I've tried so far:

Coyote - "The Native American Creator / Trickster God of Chaos and Change. The warmth of doeskin, dry plains grasses and soft, dusty woods warmed by amber and a downy, gentle coat of deep musk."

For me, it went on smelling mostly like a sweet wood for a while, then a bit more of the musk came out I suppose, giving it an overall incense-type smell. Not sure how much I like the scent - I like it, but I don't know if it's enough that I'd wear it a lot, if it weren't for the name. ;)

Dragon's Blood - "Powerful, commanding, blazing with strength." (I suppose it's just, well, Dragon's Blood in the scent).

There's not much really to say about this - if you're familiar with the scent of Dragon's Blood, you'll know more or less what it's like. I like the scent myself, although I might also have to try Dragon's Milk, which is Dragon's Blood mixed with vanilla.

Jailbait - "Innocence defiled. Sticky pink bubblegum and the thick, sweet scent of orange and cherry lollipops smeared over a breath of heady womanly perfume."

The thing that definitely came out most for me was the bubblegum. Dude. I dunno how much I'll wear this - bubblegum is a pleasant scent, but it's decidedly odd as a perfume. Still, I like it enough I'll try it again, it'd just feel a bit odd wearing it out somewhere. After a while it faded down into perhaps having a few of the other notes come through, but not to the extent of actually being able to identify them.

Perversion - "The perfect scent to wear to your next bondage ball, dungeon adventure or sojourn to your favorite pleasure dome. Smoky rum and black tobacco with a whisper of steamy leather with a splash of crystalline chardonnay, layered over a sensual, sweet, and deceptively magnetic base of tonka."

This sounds like a stunning blend, except perhaps for tonka which I have no clue what it is (other than a line of toy trucks). But on me, it just all blended together to develop a scent somewhat like the normal generic perfumes you get in stores, or from Avon. Seriously, I couldn't really pick out any one note, and I'll give it another whirl another time (my nose was slightly stuffed this morning, and I felt blah, which may have influenced me), but as it stands now it's one I won't be wearing much, even from the imp. Which is a shame, because dude. Perversion. "Oh, I think I'll be going with just a touch of Perversion tonight..."

Still have three more scents to try, one of them a frimp that I hadn't planned on trying out, so it'll be interesting to see what it's like.

Also, I'm @750 words into the second chapter now. Again, probably laugh-worthy to some of y'all, but hey. Now though I'm just worried that my little productivity I have now in writing is going to plummet, because I have another work project to focus on, which'll probably make me not want to write much other stuff. But we'll see - I'll try to keep with it.

Also this book didn't help much with my insomnia last night. I ended up with a few more ideas through the bit of writing that I did, for further down the line (including how I'm going to set things up for another of the eventual major characters) and they just would not stop running through my damn brain long enough to let me sleep. Urgh.

I think I need to find a good writing icon. (This isn't a bit of fishing for someone to make me one, since I'm Weird and like to make my own icons, but just sayin'.)
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