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A-shopping we will go...

And shopping... and shopping... Ugh.

The sad thing is, it wasn't even Christmas shopping. It was a) my usual trip to the mall for me-stuff that I make every few weeks and hadn't done for a bit (manga, bookses, stopping by the video game store to say hi and see what they had, and a stop by the candy store which I hadn't done in like half a year or more), b) then groceries/some other stuff I hadn't picked up elsewhere (its one of those Wal-Mart supercenters, so groceries plus the other Wal-Mart stuff, not my favorite market but it's right on the opposite side of the mall), c)-d) then two pet stores because the first one didn't have multiple things I wanted. (I wanted a new bird cage for my cockatiel and the first had crappy cages, I needed more cat litter and the first one didn't have the Feline Pine that my spoiled princess lovely cat likes, and I didn't see one of the types of food my cat likes to eat. If they didn't have one (or maaaybe even two, depending) I'd have probably just stopped my shopping there at the first one anyhow, but I was unhappy enough with the selection that I made the second trip. (And for the record got a suitable cage, the Feline Pine, and the Royal Canin that my kitty eats willingly.)

Bleh, about three hours from the time I left the house to getting back and getting the stuff put away (relatively). At least out of the thousand kids I saw in the process, none of the were too obnoxious. Some of them a little hyperactive and pretty much visibly vibrating, one or two small whines and Moooommmms, some foot-scuffing, but nothing horrendous. Which is good, because I'll be right up at the mall again one week for today, to get my pressssssssshussss Animal Crossing DS. And woe betide anyone who tries to stand in my way.

Now to treat myself with a) some food, and b) some of that candy before I try to make myself do some better putting-away and cleaning in general.

(edit: I hate starting a lettered list only to drop the lettering after the first entry. Oops. At least I didn't start with "a" and go on to "2, 3, 4"...)
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