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Been sloooowly making my way though my previously posted list of things to do today, and feeling sorta-somewhat-semi-productive in the process. No, I lie. I feel lazy and crappy, but I'm at least still making myself get done some of the work. Mostly because I posted it and don't want to look like a total lazy fool. So that was a pretty good idea to post it. Except for some of my inner lazy bits which are jumping up and down, chanting "bad idea, bad idea!" and wanting to lie around until I feel better, possibly being fed grapes by virile young men, even though I don't especially like grapes but hey, if it involves virile young men I'm all for it, lazy bits and the other bits as well.

Still, not sure how much more I'll get done tonight. Wasn't feeling great last night thus didn't sleep spectacularly well, got up late, and my stomach's still touchy. Did I mention the Taco Bell last night? Yeah. Not your friend. Well, maybe the drinking buddy that gets you both sloshed and convinces you that yeah, walking down that really dark alley with those skulking types at 3am is a Good Idea.

But at least I got almost all the stuff on my "to do" list done, even if at the bare minimum, and one thing on the "optional" list done as well. Speaking of which, give me feedback if you like on that entry. I'm thinking of doing a series of posts (bit by bit, maybe once a week or so, no clue though really) in the same line, but if no one has any interest at all, there's not much use. Also considering cross-posting them to a gaming forum I'm on, but haven't decided yet.
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