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Sometimes I think I need a gardener...

Okay, not really. Since part of the reasons I do stuff with the yard is to give me something to putter around with, while another part of it is for the feeling of accomplishment. (A large part is of course just to make the yard look nice, although it wouldn't *feel* quite as good if I didn't do it myself. Maybe I'm weird.)

Anyhow, today I went out and did yet more shopping, although this was more for stuff I needed (paint, trimmer wire, etc., and to pick up my comics) rather than "fun stuff." Well, except for the comics, I mean. Even with that, between yesterday and today I managed to accomplish: mowing the lawn, trimming the lawn with the weedeater, finishing up the adding of white marble chips to the front lawn around the bushes, adding mortar between the bricks making nice pretty circles around a birdhouse and the mailbox, painting said mortar for one of the circles so that the color more or less matches the bricks (on the circle that I'd done yesterday, so it was dry and I could paint it), clipping my mulberry (I think) tree a bit so that the branches were no longer blocking the sidewalk in front of the house, doing a bit more weeding, testing the chemicals in my pond and guppy tank, doing a partial water change in each (much easier in the guppy tank!), starting to patch a few of the cracks in the sidewalk (just a few though)... am I forgetting anything? Needless to say, I'm kinda tired.

Unfortunately, the testing of waters and water changes were brought on by the death of one of my eight guppies. I was afraid that maybe I'd put too many fish in the tank to start out with (normally it would be a too-high number, but guppies are small enough that I thought it would be okay), but the chemicals in that tank tested out fine. On reflection I think it may have been the female guppy that I picked up on Tuesday that died, so it may have just been stress from the move or something. I still did the partial water change, since it was about time for one anyhow, and I wanted to nip any possible problems in the bud. While I was (literally) testing the waters I decided to do the same for the pond as well, and in this case while the other chemicals are fine, the PH was *way* too high, so I did the partial water change there, and I'm hoping that will ameliorate the problem. I suspect all the rains washing earth into the pond and so forth may be to blame. *sigh*

And on a completely unrelated note, Diet Pepsi Vanilla pleases me muchly. Must find more.
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