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Look! It's a yoyo!

Aaaand... she's back again. Apparently whatever was wrong, it wasn't that serious. Or at least I hope not. They originally decided they were going to admit her, then decided that they'd do her dialysis first and then decide, then decided to send her back home. No clue what was wrong. My nerves just can't take much more. ><

I don't know if she's really feeling much better or not, because she's weak and listless from the five-hour dialysis session. But at least a) she gets the weekend to recover from that this time rather than one day, and b) she seems to be getting stronger, even with this problem of last night. This time when they brought her in on a stretcher she could scoot herself over onto the bed with a bit of help, and then help in maneuvering her more solidly onto the bed, as opposed to Monday when she could.. er... just lie there.

Crossing my fingers and hoping everything's better now...
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