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*FUME* kill destroy

Not sure who I most want to kill right now.

So I'm woken up after about 5 hours' sleep (late in the morning, since my sleep cycle's still royally fucked) and told that my mother is coming home today no matter what, since apparently the insurance won't cover her staying any longer, or some bullshit. And so I need to come down immediately and start straightening up the place, since it's a bit messy (hardly any wonder, since I'm the only one that does any fucking cleaning around here and I've been busy with work a lot, plus stressed to hell) and my mom would be fretting if she had to be brought home by ambulance and they had to come in to a messy house and see it. *sigh*

So I'm low on sleep (and still need to finish up some work to send in today), stressed, dizzy from lack of sleep frankly, and trying to clean like a whirlwind. And then my father comes home an hour later and says "oh, she's in dialysis, she probably won't be home until around 6 or so."

Kill. KILL. Him, the insurance company, everyone. Everything. Hiss.

I was having an interesting dream for once too. Brought on I think by replaying a bit of Phoenix Wright just before bed. I don't know exactly where *my* place was in the dream, but I remember it revolving around a family-run big company/corporation, and it was in an anime style. There were three children (not children, anymore, but descendants, y'know), and it was a girl first, who was the heir despite being female, a bishounen guy that was totally hot and my type, and a more normal straight-laced guy as the youngest of the three.

About all I remember offhand otherwise is that the girl suddenly turned up strangled, making bishy-guy the heir, and apparently something must have happened "off-camera" that I don't remember to the father/president, because suddenly Mr. Hotness was in charge, and in one of their little meetings with the other people who run things. One of his subordinates was just explaining how he's supposed to go ahead and pour the drinks (tea or coffee or something similar), and Hotness was just telling him/motioning for him to go ahead and do it, when I was abruptly and rudely awakened. *hiss*

There was more going on in the dream too, and I'm pretty sure that I was in there somewhere, but now I can't remember. Argh! Hate that. Hate hate hate.

Hate everything slashy kill maim destroy hack.

EDIT: I realize I left out one of the main reasons I'm fuming/worried. I'm really not sure my mom's ready to come home yet, if she's as weak as they're saying. One the one hand, she can probably recover better at home. Probably. Since she can sleep better, might be willing to eat, etc. But if that's wrong... how the fuck are we supposed to deal with all this? And is that going to be good for not only us, but *her*?

I guess part of the worrying is because I've had experience with people getting shoved out the door before they're ready in the past, with my grandfather. That... was just a big fucking mess. And as much a matter of doctor incompetence as insurance problems, but same general principles.

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