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Update. (Like, duh.)

I realized I haven't posted a journal entry for a while so:

It looks like the dialysis thing is going to be permanent. Le joy. But I'm hoping (in the true spirit of "every cloud has a silver lining") that maybe this'll mean that the fluid won't get the chance to build up in my mother's chest anymore, preventing these every-couple-months trips to the hospital for a few days or week or more. I hope.

She was supposed to get home on Friday (yesterday), but she was still just so weak that she literally could not get up from the wheelchair to make it into the car. (Keeping in mind that it's more difficult for her at any rate since she has one leg to work with, and has to do the whole pivot-thing.) So she ended up staying for another couple days to work with physical therapy some more and build up her strength, and hopefully should be home on Monday now instead. *knocks on wood*

So... some good, some bad, I guess.
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