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Waiting Game

First off, thanks for the various well-wishes everyone.

Now.. I just have to wait a bit and find out more things for sure. Right now, it seems that maybe my mother isn't going on dialysis for good... they might just be doing it a couple times in-hospital to help keep the fluids from building up in her body, while she's still sick. I'm really not sure. I'm afraid to get my hopes up, but I also don't want to lose hope either. So I'll cross my fingers and just hope for the best while planning for the worst, I guess. If I haven't learned anything more concrete before tomorrow's office hours, I might well try to call her kidney doctor, see if I can get any more info straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.

As for me right now... tired and sore. Really not sure why I'm so goddamned sore. I carried the window unit air conditioner that was in this room out to the garage yesterday, but I wouldn't think that would be enough to make me *this* sore, especially since that was in the early afternoon and I didn't feel all that rough afterward.

I also ended up cancelling my dentist appointment for today. Again. Which makes me feel bad about it, plus makes me worry that my tooth might start hurting again during the two-weeks-away appointment I made in its place, but... between worrying about the appointment itself and the stress over the news about my mother, I just couldn't sleep. I cancelled the appointment a bit after 10am (the appointment was originally for 1pm, which means getting up around noon and leaving maybe twenty til), when I'd had maybe 2 hours' sleep all night and wasn't having any luck drifting back off.

After cancelling the appointment, I had a bit better luck falling back asleep (eventually), and slept til after 3pm. Which probably isn't going to do wonders for getting my sleep cycle back on track, but damn. So with finally some sleep under my belt, I at least made it to the store to pick up my copy of Civ IV. Haven't started playing it just yet, since I wanted to finish Crossroads of Twilight, since I had under 100 pages to go. Just did that now. So now... maybe I'll grab a bite to eat and see if my laptop can handle shiny new gameness.

Wish me luck, in all respects...
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