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And.. Update. Crap.

And just after posting my last entry I checked on my mom, and it turns out that apparently some of the tests didn't go as hoped, and she just got a port put in to start on dialysis. Well, fuck.

This... worries me. I'm not going to pretend it doesn't. First because it's going to be a further disruption of all our lives, which none of us need, especially my mother, and second because having already looked around different dialysis pages previously when this specter first popped up its head, the longevity for those getting dialysis doesn't seem to be very good.

I also notice no one's even mentioned anything about a kidney transplant possibility. I don't know if they've discussed it with my mother and she just nixed it, or if they've decided she wouldn't be a good risk for such surgery, or what. I just haven't heard anyone mention it, period. So unless they're looking for a donor and haven't even mentioned anything to me, her closest blood relative, I'm assuming that the dialysis is just going to be for the rest of her life, however long that may be.

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