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General Updates

As far as my mother goes, she's doing generally well. They're still doing tests though to make sure they've got rid of the fluid and... well, I have no idea for what else. Just that it looks like she'll be in the ICU for a couple more days while they do their tests... I guess they don't want to move her around if they're not sure they're done with her yet. I dunno. But in general, she's doing well. *knocks on wood* (Yes, I always have to do that. Shaddup.)

As for me... still feeling a tad under the weather, but better all around. The cold has subsided to an occasional cough and sniffle, just a bit worse than my usual constant allergies. I even felt enough recovered in general to do some laundry and start up some cleaning today. Whee! Maybe I'll even do dishes in a bit. I hate hate hate hate doing dishes, but they need to be done Real Soon Now.

And my tooth isn't pain-free, but it's gone from constant severe pain to a minor pain that only comes around occasionally, so that's much better. Dunno if it's just that I've been grinding my teeth due to stress/worry and that's what caused the pain in the first place, or if the nearby sinus problems had some effect, or if it is the fact that I needed/need the filling there, but something's apparently gone better for it.

And one of the nice things is that I've actually managed to get some decent sleep the last two nights, which is something I hadn't gotten for a while. My sleep schedule's still screwy enough that I'm not getting to sleep til around 5-6am, but at least I'm able to sleep through until early afternoon, long enough that I can get the 7 hours or so that I need.

Anyhow, if I feel even more better tomorrow, or as better as I did today (shush y'all), I may... *may* even attempt to do some shopping, mall and/or grocery. If I do, I want to pick up Knife of Dreams, since I'm finally around 150 pages into Crossroads of Twilight in my re-read that I'd meant to finish before the book came out. Unfortunately I'd missplaced Winter's Heart for a bit, then once I found it I was slow getting back into things because, well, you know. Now if I can actually make it *through* Crossroads this time, since I never did manage to finish it the first time 'round.

On the negative side, I'm not enthralled with Black and White 2. It starts to drag fairly soon, at least if you're trying to be a mostly peaceful god, like I am. Meh. Oh well, the new Castlevania for the DS and discussion about it has ended up getting me to drag Symphony of the Night back out and give it another playthrough, so it's All Good.
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