Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Okay, that does it, I quit.

Seriously, I'm so.. broken. Not emotionally really, more physically, or at least in the sense of reacting to anything/doing anything. I'm just... mentally fucking exhausted.

So we get a phone call around 1am last night/this morning, it being my mother's one doctor up at the hospital, telling us that suddenly her lungs had filled with fluid, her blood pressure dropped badly, and they had to put her on the respirator back in ICU. So, yeah. Didn't sleep much last night, and have been waiting to hear more. Now she's off the respirator again, her blood pressure is back up to good levels, and all that. So it looks like she should be alright *knocks on wood madly*.

I was also supposed to go to the dentist today for my sore tooth, and actually did, but I was frankly feeling just so horribly sick and worn out from all the damn crap (cold still lingering, worry about my mother, lack of sleep, etc etc et fucking cetera) that I ended up having to get a temporary filling partway through and just come home. I just couldn't finish. I felt too physically horribly wretched, although I really had wanted to get the tooth dealt with and out of the way. So I'm now supposed to go back next week, on Wednesday (which is when I'd had an appointment originally). My tooth is hurting now a bit, but I'm hoping once it realized "oh hey, I'm covered and all" it'll settle down, even if it's just a temporary thing for now.

But just... damn. I'm beat.
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