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Update Time (warning: rampant kvetching below)

Urgh. Just shoot me.

So what was my last update? I believe at that point my mother had gotten out of the hospital, and my father was leaving the next day for a funeral back in Wisconsin, leaving me here to take care of my mother and the house alone. Gah. So THAT is finally over with - he got home Sunday night. I also had part of a project due on Monday, but somehow managed to finish that up by late Sunday despite chronic lack of sleep and rest over the week and weekend. Go, me.

So I figure now's my chance to maybe rest a bit, relax, have nothing going bad, right? Of course, that's when my tooth decides to start aching on Monday. Since I was due for a dental appointment anyhow (I'd cancelled a few times due to Crap coming up and being, well, crappy various times), I made the appointment for today, and had to put up with the ache yesterday even with meds.

Today luckily the pain had died down a lot even before the appointment, and now I have a nice new filling and am hoping the pain will stay down, and things will heal up and get all comfy cozy again. Woot. Of course, it was also a bit painful just getting to the dentist - you know how you wake up, go to move, and your leg suddenly gets a severe cramp where you lie there in agony until it dies down and for the rest of the day the muscle hurts whenever you use it? Yeah? Well, that happened to my right ARM for some reason this morning. Lovely. Makes driving and using the computer fun. Whee.

And now my reproductive system is making its, er, periodic armed rebellion, which is also lovely. So... I think I'll be curled up in my bed in pain for a while, k plz thnx. Or not, but I'd like to be. Meh.

I am absolutely, positively, definitely *not* going to ask "what next," because I KNOW the gods of ready-to-fuck-you-over-edness are looking over my shoulder just waiting for it. -_-
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