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Alright, Everyone out of my dreams. *blows whistle*

I'm starting to get used to having weird dreams, but good grief. What the heck does it say about me that in my dreams last night (just in the latter part of the dreams that I could remember, plus in the hazy period as I fell back asleep for an hour or so), we see:

At least one of my old school classmates. An old college gaming buddy. One of my middle-school math teachers. Kid N' Play. One of my high-school science teachers. And for a bit of the dream at least, myself as a pegasus. Then in the aforementioned "dessert" bit of falling asleep after waking up once: a talking mummy as a parking attendant. A bunch of college students carrying sharks' fins. And Stewie from family guy talking to a chicken.

Seriously. WTF? Dude. While dreaming about being a pegasus was embarassingly fun, it makes me feel like a freaking middle-school kid again. And KID N' PLAY? Dude, WTF? Are they so desperate for work these days that they're hiring out to Morpheus to further their acting careers? About the only things I remember them doing in my dream was wandering around the hallways of some school (not even sure if I was back in middle school, high school, or college) bouncing me and other girls into the walls (kinda roughly, ouch) by slamming against us with their shoulders/torsos and chanting "Rap-a-ho!" And then joking around about one of them being a vampire, and the other one handing me a little ornate toothpick like you might find anchoring something to a froo-froo drink to "stake" him with.

I think I need help...
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